Bose Just Launched Sleep Buds That Mask Noise Which Sounds Perfect For Parents

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If we were playing Family Feud and the topic was "Things That Drive Parents Crazy," we have to figure that the lack of sleep would be a top contender for first place on the board. Unless you have that magical unicorn of a child who is an excellent sleeper all of the time, chances are you're struggling to get zzz's of your own.

Bose, the company behind some of the finest (and most expensive) audio devices available, wants to help you get more sleep. How can a brand known for creating blasting exquisite sound help you get a peaceful night's slumber, you ask?

Oh, by releasing their Noise-Masking Sleep Buds which sound to be pretty darn life-changing.

These wireless buds have superpowers never before seen in the ear bud market. Not only do they boast noise-masking technology, but they also have the ability to emit the types of calming sounds that are conducive to sleep. They come packaged with a charging station that provides up to 16 hours of unplugged battery life. Seriously, can you imagine 16 straight hours of sleep? We know it's not at all practical but a girl can dream (literally, if we had these ear buds).

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There's something called a "StayHear+ Sleep" tip on each bud that acts as a defensive lineman against outside sounds that could keep you up at night and the Bose sleep app is iOS and Android compatible. Regardless of which type of phone you have, you can pick your own sleep track, set an alarm, and adjust the volume with the handy app.

Now for the price tag. A single pair of Bose Sleepbuds will set you back a hefty $249 ( and available at Bose stores, their website, and via select resellers). While that number may make your wallet weep, can we really put a price on a decent night's sleep? Or, even better, a great night's sleep nearly all of the time? We think we both know the answer to that question.

Now if only the Bose Sleepbuds could also be equipped to keep the kids out of our bed for an entire night. Then we would really be sold. Perhaps that's a customer suggestion we can send over for the next generation of buds.

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