Babies Born In October Have An Advantage Over Others

If you are due with a baby this month, you have something to celebrate. Babies born in October have an advantage over others. There are several reasons why those born this month are set up for success.

October brings to mind visions of pumpkins, falling leaves, and trick or treating. In this month we are definitely out of summer and into autumn, and grabbing our coats before we leave the house. For a lucky few, October brings a birthday. Being born in the month of October puts one at an advantage.

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Babies Born In October Are Good At Sports & Live Longer

Research shows that babies born in the month of October are more likely to be good at sports, live to 100, and have better physical and mental health. They are less likely to end up with cardiovascular disease and even more likely to become president! Oddly, they are also less likely to be born on the last day of the month than babies born in any other month.

Why are October babies in better health than others? It could be that increased Vitamin D exposure for their mothers during pregnancy. Since mothers due in the month of October are going to be pregnant all summer, they are more likely to spend more time in the sun. Vitamin D production is stimulated by sun exposure. It is very hard to absorb Vitamin D from foods alone.

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A pre-born baby with proper Vitamin D stores will grow a bit larger than its Vitamin D deficient peers. Larger size from the start can set the stage for success in sports.

Babies Born In October Have Better Mental Health

It is less well understood why a baby born in October might have better mental health or grow up to become president, but success begets success. It could be that increased confidence from physical capabilities supports future achievements.

No one can say why October babies are less likely to be born on the last day of the month, but we do not that October 31 is a spooky date!

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