What Science Says About Babies Born In June

Babies born in every month are special for various reasons. June is a great month because summer officially starts. Babies born in June are being born into the sunshine and fun that summer brings. That's why it's not entirely surprising that babies born in June have sunny dispositions to match the weather. There are plenty of things that make June babies special, but these are some of the best based on science.

June babies give off great energy

People born in June have personalities that draw people in. Which means you want to have them around because they bring the fun. They're fairly social, and quite amiable, which means they will make friends easily. Travel is something they enjoy, and they also love to be in the kitchen making something delicious and different. June babies tend to have strong opinions, and will share them if asked. And they are effortlessly attractive.

They tend to be happier

Generally, babies born in the summer months, June, July and August, are happier. At least, they're less susceptible to the effects of SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. Light levels are highest during the months of their birth — the longest day of the year is in June. Because of this, they have a better chance of being happier. Summer babies also have strong hyperthymic characteristics. Hyperthymia describes a general sense of optimism, which means they see the bright side more often.

Creativity and thinking is their jam

Those born in June tend to be naturally curious people who want to learn about everything. While they may shift their focus often, they will learn a little about a lot of things. But they have lots of great ideas and they will act on them if given the chance. There is no such thing as too wild of an idea for a June baby — even if it seems impossible, they will try to make it possible! For them, there is no end to their imaginations and they are open to just about any ideas thrown at them. Additionally, they are deep thinkers who tend to enjoy the things in people that others may see as a quirk or a flaw.

They're bigger

There are contradicting reports on the birth weight of June babies. Some reports say they'll be small. But then there is this study from the UK that says the opposite. It claims that those born in summer (June, July and August) have a higher average birth weight, go through puberty later, and tend to be taller as adults.

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