Everything You Need To Know About The Boppy Recall

The popular infant and nursing pillow brand, Boppy, has voluntarily recalled three of its infant head and neck accessories. The new infant safety focus on positional asphyxiation has recently motivated several similar recalls.

Boppy originally gained popularity for its classic nursing pillow. The donut-shaped cushion quickly made its way into a baby registry must-have. Since then, Boppy has expanded to offer a variety of related products. They now sell newborn loungers, infant support pillows, giant pregnancy pillows and they have even added baby carriers and nursing covers to their collection. The one item you will not see on their site is the infant head and neck accessories. These products were on the market for several months before Boppy decided to pull them and issue a recall.

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This Tuesday, Boppy recalled their infant head and neck accessories. These products were sold as optional accessories to use with the original Boppy nursing pillow or the infant support pillow. Their role was to make the infant more comfortable while nursing or lounging, but as it turns out, they are not safe. They could push the baby's head too far forward, causing suffocation.

Some people may wonder how a pushing a baby's head too far forward could suffocate it. When an infant is propped up at an incline (even a very slight incline), the windpipe can become compromised. Imagine bending a straw slowly until it is completely closed off. This example represents what can happen to a baby's windpipe if its head is pushed too far forward. Since they have underdeveloped head control they cannot just adjust their position to compensate.

The Boppy Infant Head and Neck Support Accessories that were recalled were sold in two colors: heathered gray and ebony floral. They retailed at Target, Buy Buy Baby, juvenile furniture stores nationwide, and online at Amazon.com. They were sold from March 2019 to May 2019. They can be identified by UPC codes 769662411141 and 769662411172.

If you have these products, stop using them immediately. Call Boppy's Customer Service line at 888-772-6779 or email info@boppy.com and they will issue a credit to be used for any other of their products.

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