Bootcut Jeans Are Making A Comeback


Perhaps you've noticed as you've been doing your holiday shopping that there seems to be a lot more boot cut jeans in the store recently. Over the last few years, the trend in jeans has transitioned from the once fashionable bootcut to a more streamlined and tapered look that ends at the ankle, not flaring out over a pair of boots.

If you're over wearing your skinny jeans and are ready to embrace a wider leg cut once again, you'll be happy to hear that bootcut jeans are making a comeback, or are at least trying to! A recent article posted in men's fashion magazine GQ declares the bootcut jean as making their comeback, partially crediting Balenciaga designer Demna Gvasalia with helping to bring the design back to popularity by including the style in the brand’s spring lookbook. It shouldn't be surprising that the bootcut jean is making its way back into stores as that's how fashion tends to work. Everything old is new again, and styles that were popular years ago tend to be recycled every few years.

Bootcut jeans are similar to skinny jeans in fit up to the knees, where the similarities stop. Skinny jeans continue to tape down to the ankle where they hem stops, while boot cut jeans begin to flare out at the knee and tend to be worn a little longer, to cover your awesome boots you'll wear with them. Not surprisingly, just like when they tried to make bell bottoms have their comeback, people aren't thrilled with the idea of bootcuts jeans becoming fashionable again

While consumers don't seem to be on board with trading their skinnies for the old fit and flare style of the bootcut jean, it seems that designers are. While you may not be buying yourself Balenciaga jeans, the bootcut jeans are also popping up on more casual and affordable clothing sites as well. Claiming they're both slimming and leg-lengthening, Levi's has a full range of bootcut jeans available as do stores like Macy's and Nordstrom.

We've yet to see if the bootcut jean will actually reclaim the popularity it once had. As GQ points out, bootcut jeans are meant to cover the shoes of the person wearing them, and we're currently in a fashion trend that is seeing people spend more than ever on their shoes. Not so sure anyone is going to want to cover up their super sweet kicks with their jeans, but it may just be the excuse some people are looking for to not have to keep up with the Joneses by buying expensive shoes. Time will tell if the bootcut jean makes the comeback that GQ is predicting, but they're certainly getting a lot of attention right now.

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