10 Ways To Teach Your Daughter About Body Positivity

One of the most important things you need to teach your daughter is about body positivity and feeling good about who she is. You want your daughter to be confident about herself at every stage of her life and with celebrity bodies always being a focal point online and in magazines, your little one can start to feel bad if she does not look like they do.

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This is not how you want your daughter to see herself, you want her to feel good about who she is. So keep reading to discover ten ways that you can teach your daughter about body positivity.

10 Tell Them That There Is No “Perfect” Body

In Hollywood, there seems to be an awful trend that the perfect woman is slim, and has a big butt and breasts. This is not true, though, since there is no perfect woman or a perfect body. Setting around trash-talking your body for whatever reason is not good and will get your daughter in a very bad state of mind. You need to tell your daughter that the body she has is perfect for her since it is the only thing getting her around.

9 Talk About How Celebrity Image Is Not Real

We have all been there, flicking through magazines looking at the celebrities in them. It can feel like they have it all when it comes to their bodies. But what we do not see on the page is the diets, starvation, and their constant workouts that get them that way. You need to sit down with your daughter down to tell her that their bodies may not be real since many celebrities have invested in plastic surgery that forever alters how they look, and that photoshop and airbrushing is heavily used. Encourage your daughter to love her body exactly how it is and not praise celebrity bodies.

8 Teach Them That Every Body Shape Is Beautiful

Luckily today there are full-figured models being featured in magazines and in ads, but there are still not enough to really show that everyone is beautiful. This is because many magazines still only feature very slender women in them.

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Teaching your daughter that every body shape is beautiful is going to help her self-esteem if she does not have the body she wants. You need to tell your daughter that real women come in all shapes and sizes and that they are no less beautiful than any cover model in a magazine.

7 Promote Lifestyle Changes Not Diets

If you are someone who is constantly on a new diet fad then you might be harming your daughter without even realizing it! Diets are never a good idea since many of them cut the number of calories a person eats too dangerously low levels. If you want to slim down, then do research and make it a lifestyle change. This will show your daughter that you can level a healthy life and not just focus on slimming down just for a month. And if you do this we know your daughter will want to be healthy just like you!

6 Don’t Comment On How Much She Is Eating

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It is known that when you have a growing teen that they tend to eat more than usual to keep their body full of fuel. And you might have seen this by them snacking more or going up for seconds for dinner. It is natural for you to want to comment, but you should not.

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You should not be commenting on how much she is eating since she can end up having a bad relationship with food. So encourage your child to have a healthy relationship with food since she needs it to survive.

5 Be Positive About Physical Activities

How many times have you dragged your feet about going for a walk or to the gym? We’ve all been there, but what you might not have noticed is that your daughter was next to you and heard you talk like that. You need to set an example and be positive when it comes to talking about physical activities. You want your daughter to know that physical activities are good for her both mentally and physically. Let your daughter know that physical activity is not bad and can help her live a healthy life.

4 Teach Her About Self-Worth

Many times women tie their self-worth into their looks, but self-worth has nothing to do with looks. Teaching your daughter to be a good person and doing the right thing can show her what self-worth really is. It is also important that she knows that even the most beautiful person ever can be a bad person when it comes to their morals.

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Remind your daughter that beauty does not equal self-worth at all. Self-worth is better than any looks you can have since self-worth can not be bought and does not matter what other people think.

3 Never Talk About Her Development

A mistake that many parents make when it comes to your growing teens is talking about your daughter's growth and development - especially in front of others. As a parent, you should make sure that you are teaching her about how bodies develop, and how to take care of hers (female health is incredibly important, and not always taught in schools). However, comments about how she is growing/looking can make a girl self-conscious, and should be avoided.

2 Don’t Talk Bad About Your Body Around Her

Children learn from what we do and say and if you are always very critical about your body you are teaching your child that looks matter. It doesn't matter if the comment you made about your body was a quick one when you were looking in the mirror or if it is something that is always on your mind - you need to be a good influence for your daughter.

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If she sees that you love your body how it is when she is going to be more likely to love her body as it is too.

1 Teach Her How To Take Care Of Her Body

The best way to promote body positivity for your daughter is to teach her how to take care of herself. This means that she should be taking care of herself mentally and physically. Showing your daughter that the food that she eats can affect how she is feeling can open her mind up to healthy eating. Also, you should be teaching her that exercise is a good thing for her body and mind and just a thirty-minute walk can do wonders. Make sure you prepare your daughter so she can take care of her body so she can live a long healthy life.

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