What Parents Need To Know About BOB Stroller Safety

As parents, we use lots of different baby gear with our kids, from birth to school-age. Car seats, strollers, cribs, bouncers, high chairs - millions of parents around the world use these things every single day. When you spend good money on something, you sort of expect that you're getting an item that's safe and reliable. But, as we all know, mistakes can happen, and faulty gear is recalled pretty frequently. Typically, when a company gets reports of an issue with one of their products, they'll issue a voluntary recall. That gives parents a heads-up and also gives them a chance to replace the part or piece that doesn't function properly.

Without a publicized recall, it would be nearly impossible for parents to know that the product they're using is potentially dangerous or faulty. A few days, The Washington Post ran a troubling story about BOB strollers and reported on hundreds of crashes that have happened while parents were using the stroller. The crashes resulted in several injuries, to both parents and babies. It's a serious issue, so many parents were surprised that they were just now learning about. No recall was ever issued for the jogging strollers stemming from the sudden failure of the quick-release front wheel. If you have a BOB stroller yourself, you may be wondering if it's even safe to use at this point. Here's what you need to know.

Between 2012 and 2018, the Consumer Product Safety Commission received 200 reports of wheels falling off the pre-2016 Revolution SE, CE, and Stroller Strides strollers while they were in motion. The commission asked Britax, the maker of the BOB stroller, to issue a voluntary recall in 2017, but Britax refused.

So in 2018, the commission sued Britax to force a recall. However, the leadership at the commission changed under the Trump administration, and the suit was settled. No recall was ever issued. The settlement required Britax to launch an Information Campaign, and they did so on their social media channels and on the website on January 10, 2019.

However, the Information Campaign is a far cry from an actual recall, which would typically have been covered in national news. It seems as though their campaign went largely unnoticed, and families continued to use their pre-2016 strollers. People have reported broken bones, head injuries, and skinned limbs after the wheel fell off their stroller mid-run or walk.

It's incredibly scary, and considering the reputation Britax has in the baby gear world, we expected more from them. In a statement, Britax said they never issued a recall because "they are not defective and are safe when used as instructed...[T]he quick release design on our pre-September 2015 BOB jogging strollers has been used successfully around the world for decades in other products (e.g. bicycles)."

If you own one of the strollers in question and want to make sure your front wheel is installed and operating properly, this video might help. For more information, check out bobinfocampaign.britax.com or call customer care line at 1-888-427-4829

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