This Bob Ross Plush Toy Will Bring 'The Joy Of Painting' Back Into Your Life

When you think about it, we were pretty lucky to grow up in the time we did. We got Sesame Street when it first came out. Mr. Rogers was a regular part of our day. And we learned to paint from one of the best - Bob Ross. We had some pretty magical people to look up to, and if we're being honest, we miss that! Sure, our kids still have Sesame Street. And they can watch reruns of Mr. Rogers and Bob Ross. But it just isn't the same. Sitting down and watching The Joy of Painting, imagining ourselves painting the perfect happy tree, wondering how Bob's hair was always so amazing - those were the days.

Bob Ross passed away in 1995, but his legacy (and 'fro) live on. He's become something of a pop culture phenomenon now, and even our kids know who he is! We may not have much time for painting anymore, but that doesn't mean we still don't love us some Bob Ross. If you're a fan of the soothing artist, or want to inspire your kids to pick up a brush in the Ross way, then you need this Bob Ross plushie from Always Fits. Seriously, this thing is so cute.

Image: Always Fits

You guys. Just look at that little guy! It's a tiny Bob Ross, complete with 'fro, paint brush and palette, and even a little happy tree. It's so stinking cute, and just looking at the little guy makes us feel all relaxed and inspired to pick up a paint brush. See, not all of us are blessed with a natural artistic talent, but Bob made us realize that doesn't matter! He was all about embracing the happy accidents, and he told us that anything we put on the canvas was beautiful. Is it museum-worthy? No. Does that matter? According to Bob Ross, not a bit!

You can get your very own Bob Ross plushie from Always Fits for just $15. Even if you're not the painting type, you can't deny that having a tiny Bob Ross on your desk would help you relax and get in touch with your creative side. Our canvases may not look like Bob's ever did, and our happy trees often looked a bit on the sad side, but we loved that Bob Ross didn't care. And that's the attitude we should carry with us everyday. It's not the product, but the journey you went on to make it!

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