Blue's Clues Is Back, With A New Title And Host

Blue's clue

If you're a Millennial, then you probably grew up watching the iconic, Blue's Clues, yourself. And now, here you are as an adult with children of your own nestled in front of the television (or iPad!) to see what that beloved blue dog is trying to tell his owner, Steve. You've also probably also noticed how the show has shifted over time, modernized and taken on new Steves over the years.  Well now, Blue's Clues is back with another update and the 3rd ever Steve will take center stage.

Their original host, who was actually named Steve, Steve Burns, left the abruptly back in 2002, Donovan Patton took over until 2006. Since then, the children's program has actually been off the air, but last March, Nickelodeon revealed its plans to reboot the show, and find a new host. We all found out through an open casting call that was held in April.

But, the host isn't all that's changing this time around.

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Through a press release from Nickelodeon this week, the show will be getting a new name, too. We know, we're kinda feeling sad and nostalgic, too. It won't be too different though, as they've shared it will be called Blue’s Clues & You, with their new host Joshua Dela Cruz.

Cruz has a Broadway background, being in the production of Aladdin as an understudy for the lead and a member of the ensemble. He has also appeared in David Byrne’s Here Lies Love and Encores!: Merrily We Roll Along, CBS’ Bull and ABC’s Time After Time, according to the press release. So he's definitely sounding promising to fill the shoes of our beloved Steve.

Furthermore, the original Steve actually was part of the search for the new guy, and gave him the thumbs up saying, “I had the great honor of being a part of the search for the new host, and I give Josh two thumbs up! He can definitely fill my shoes and the rugby shirt.”

According to Nickelodeon, production on the series will happen in Toronto this month, and that the show will consist of 20 episodes. Being described as a live-action show that included lots of puzzle solving and that signature paw print, it sounds an awful lot like what we grew up with. How fun to sit down with our own kiddos and watch something that as such a big part of our childhood. We can't wait!

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