The Iconic Blue-And-White Corningware Dishes Are Officially Back In Stores


If you're currently raising babies of your own, you undoubtedly remember the iconic classic white cookware with the blue cornflower design on the side. Honestly, you would probably be hard-pressed to find any American that doesn't have a story to tell about their mom serving up their favorite childhood casserole, tucked within each crevice of these pots, pans, bowls, and dishes. They pretty much sum up our childhood. Well, the makers of our favorite dishes, Corningware, are bringing this specific design back and it's time to clear space in your kitchen.

What makes these Corningware dishes so special? Beyond the design, the iconic glassware set is durable and able to withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures without breaking, changing color or affecting the taste of the food. This alone has made them a staple in households across the country for decades.

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If you were wondering how something this magical first came about, it was actually by mistake. Back in 1952, while testing a piece of glass used in early TV production, Dr. Stookey, an employee of Corning Glass Works (the same company that created Pyrex) had a little oven mishap. The oven baked the material at 900 degrees Celsius, which is two times hotter than the highest temperature a normal oven produces. But instead of melting, the glass kept its shape and formed a white film all over. Stookey then accidentally dropped the fragile glass but to his surprise - it didn't break.

Because of this discovery, Corning started to sell that material to the military and then in 1958, developed a line of dishes that they mass produced and sold to the masses. They named this Pyroceram. They instantly became very popular, but then over the years decreased in sales and were eventually taken off store shelves.

If you've found yourself yearning for a bit of nostalgia, in order to celebrate their 60th anniversary, CorningWare cookware is releasing a full collection of the beloved blue-and-white cookware. The anniversary collection includes the classic casserole dishes as well as a mug with a lid, a cornflower-patterned knife set, a three-piece ramekin set, and plates. It will be incredibly reasonably priced and available at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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