How Changes In The Moon Affects Pregnancy & Labor, Explained

If you've had a baby, then you know this to be a universal truth: toward the end of your pregnancy, there's pretty much nothing you wouldn't do to get that baby out. Especially if you're overdue! Yes, we know babies come when they're ready. And yes, we know that going full-term (or a bit longer) is what's best for the baby in the majority of cases. We know this! But it does not change the fact that the end of pregnancy is an absolutely bear of a time, and a lot of women would pay cash money to be able to just ... speed up the process a bit. Maybe some women were hoping the super blood moon would be their saving grace! Last weekend, we experienced the super blood moon, and it was amazing. We talked a bit about what that blood moon might have done to your kid's behavior or sleep. But did you know that there's an old wive's tale about lunar cycles and labor?

If you're super pregnant and you made it through the blood moon without going into labor, this probably isn't the old wive's tale for you (and we're sorry if it didn't work, LOL). But, if you're early in your pregnancy, or planning to become pregnant, you might want to read up on this theory.

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Apparently, there are a couple of these tales floating around. The most popular says that on the night of a full moon, more women will have their water break and go into labor than at any other point in a lunar cycle. It sort of makes sense! Full moons do some crazy stuff to people, maybe they make baby finally decide to break out of that uterus! There's really no rhyme or reason to this tale, and obviously, it's not backed up by medical science. Or any science, actually. The lunar cycle makes a lot of stuff happen, but it's probably not to blame for your water breaking.

Obviously, when it comes to full moons inducing labor, the super moon would be the absolute best of them all, right? If anything is going to kick start those contractions, it would be that rare occurrence! So far, we haven't heard anything about an unusual number of babies being born on July 27, when the super blood moon happened. But we're definitely curious to hear if it had any affect on you! Did you go into labor during the super blood moon? Or have any of your kids been born on a full moon?

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