If Your Kids Acted Out Of Control This Weekend, Blame The 'Blood Moon'

blood moon

We're not sure how much stock we put into how the moon affects our kids. Kids are sort of always wild and unpredictable, aren't they? It's easy to blame it on a full moon, but really, it could just be Tuesday. The world witnessed an amazing lunar eclipse this weekend, the longest total lunar eclipse of the century, in fact! It lasted about an hour and 43 minutes, and depending on where you were when it happened, changed the moon from its usual bright white to a deep orange or even blood red color.

It was amazing spectacle (we watched the eclipse online), and the resulting Blood Moon was absolutely stunning. But did this moon stuff wreak havoc on your kiddos this weekend?

According to a 2016 study from the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute, researchers found that a full moon can, in fact, disrupt sleep patterns in children. But honestly, the change was negligible. They found that kids slept about 1% less during a full moon than they did during a new moon, which amounts to about five minutes of lost sleep. However, researchers also said that lunar activity doesn't affect behavior, contradicting the long-held belief that full moons make people go a little nuts.

The belief that lunar cycles can affect moods, behavior, and more dates back to ancient civilizations. Some civilizations even believed that the lunar cycle could impact a woman's hormones and fertility!

This belief is unfounded and unsupported by any scientific facts or proof. But that sure doesn't mean people don't actually believe it. About 40% of the population of the United States really think that the moon can affect human behavior. Even weirder, nearly 80% of mental health professionals believe it as well!

So if you happened to notice your kids being a little ... strange this weekend, maybe you blamed it on the Blood Moon. While it's unlikely that the moon had anything to do with their behavior, at least it gives us something to point a finger at, right? More than likely, your kids were just extra this weekend, through no fault of the moon. Or maybe they really did need that extra five minutes of sleep.

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