Everyone's Favorite YouTube Star, Blippi, Is Going On Tour

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In case you didn't already know, kid-friendly YouTube star, Blippi is kind of a big deal. His videos are "fun and educational" and teach younger kids about everything from shapes, letters, and colors to unicorns, firetrucks, trains, and more. He's this generation's Sesame Street.

Even though Blippi is a fictional character created by Stevin John, the cartoonish figure is a major success in the children's entertainment market. Stevin, himself, is just your average everyday guy, but he turns himself into Blippi with a quick wardrobe change that every fan can instantly recognize. And now, he's going on tour.

Blippi will be doing a 30-city tour and the show is produced by the same team who is producing the Baby Shark North American tour, so you know it's going to be good. The only caveat (don't tell your kids) is that Stevin will be at home making more videos to keep up his content on YouTube. There will be another actor playing the part of Blippi on the tour. Rest assured, though, Stevin is extremely active in the planning process of the tour and Blippi will still be the character kids know and love. In fact, the producers plan to work closely with the selected actor to help him master everything from Blippi's energy down to his little mannerisms.

Basically, Stevin is working with the pros to make Blippi a global phenomenon. He's already well on his way to that as it is with more than 5.6 million YouTube subscribers. Still, world domination isn't achieved overnight. The tour is the first step in this process, and the hope is that by hiring out the part of Blippi, it will allow Stevin to sort of be in two places at once - entertaining kids and working to grow the brand in the background.

Blippi's tour includes cities in Texas, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, Georgia, Ohio, New York, Mississippi, and more! Tickets go on sale Friday, October 11 for the tour that is sure to bring a smile to your kid's face (and, let's face it, you probably won't hate it either!).

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