Target's Blippi Pajamas Are So Cute

Blippi is about to hit your home thanks to these cute Blippi pajamas available at Target. Remember back in the day when our favorite characters were ones we'd fallen in love with watching Saturday morning cartoons and Disney movies? None of our childhoods were complete without My Little Pony sheets or some Care Bears and Snorks coloring books. There was nothing better than waking up at an ungodly hour on Saturday morning to sit in front of the TV for a few hours and binge-watch cartoons. And we didn't have all this fancy tech our kids have now - you watched it when it came on and sat through commercials (while adding the advertised toys and cereals to your list).

Nowadays, our kids have any and every kind of entertainment on-demand, right at their fingertips. They can stream entire seasons of cartoons on Netflix, and scour YouTube for the most random performers to become obsessed with. If you've got a toddler, then they're likely currently obsessed with Blippi, the guy who wears a funny hat and sings educational songs about stuff like firetrucks, tractors, and brushing your teeth. And if you DO have a Blippi fan in your house, then you are definitely going to need these Blippi pajamas from Target.

Image: Target

Blippi's signature look is ... something. He wears a blue button-down shirt, orange suspenders, and orange bow tie, and this silly orange and blue beret. He also wears orange glasses, but those wouldn't work very well with a pair of toddler jams, you know? However, Target re-imagined the rest of Blippi's outfit into a pair of comfy jams for toddlers, and we are dying over the cuteness. The shirt features the bow tie and suspenders, and each pair of jammies comes with that adorable little hat.

The Blippi pajamas are available on the Target website now. They come in sizes 2T-5T, and retail for $11.99. These jams are 100% cotton, so definitely comfy for sleeping. But we have a feeling that your die-hard Blippi fan will make these a part of their normal everyday-wear rotation. After all, what better way to belt out the firetruck song at the top of their lungs than doing it dressed as their fav YouTuber?

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