10 Parenting Rules Blake Lively Follows

A few years ago, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s lives changed forever when they welcomed their first little one into the world. Since then, they have added a couple more little ones to their family, and it seems that Blake really enjoys being a mother.

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The actress appears to have welcomed motherhood with open arms, and she has said some really touching things about how much she has changed since having kids. “I’m looking forward to how one baby influences the other, and to my family as a whole, to every single chapter,” said Lively. Here are some of the parenting rules the actress abides by.

10 She Does Not Put A Lot Of Focus On What She Looks Like

A lot of moms put a great deal of focus into getting back in shape right after they have given birth, but Blake does not think mothers should be as worried about that as they are. The actress believes that having a baby is a really tough thing for a woman to do, which is very true.

Since she believes that this is such a big deal, Blake tends to think that giving birth should probably be a more celebrated thing than it already is. Being healthy is very important, but new mothers also need to focus on other things, such as taking care of their baby and bonding with them.

9 Blake Always Puts Her Family First

There are many women out there who are very protective human beings, and Blake is definitely one of them. The actress claimed that her family is everything to her. She is also not a fan of too much attention from the public being put on her family members.

This is something that most mothers can probably relate to a lot. Many of them tend to feel very protective of those who are around them, which is a really cool quality to have. Blake has a lot of admirable qualities, and the fact that she loves to protect those she is close to is one of them.

8 The Star Wants To Have Lots Of Children

Even though Ryan and Blake already have three kids together, it seems that at least one of them wants to have a lot more. Blake is the type of person who always seems like she would like to have a house full of people.

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But this is not very surprising, since she came from a fairly large family herself. The same is true for her husband, so it looks like they are both excited about the idea of adding more people to their family tree in the future. Blake and Ryan must feel like being a parent is the role of a lifetime.

7 She Knows She’s Not A Perfect Mother

Blake might look like the perfect mom, but the truth is that she is a human being who is just like everyone else, and she knows that. Apparently, the actress has seen women who appear to be perfect mothers on social media, and she can admit that things are different when it comes to her children.

Lots of people know what that feeling is like, whether they are parents or not. Lots of people can appear to lead the most amazing lives on the Internet, but that does not mean that things are really like that for them. Blake’s honesty is like a breath of fresh air.

6 Blake Is Not Into Putting Labels On Things

There are many different styles of parenting, but Blake is not planning to pick just one any time soon. The actress is actually not a big fan of picking just one parenting method.

Blake claimed that parents are always trying to figure things out as they go, and that raising children is a really complicated thing, since parents are always wondering if they are doing things the right way. “I think it’s hard to slap labels on any parents because it’s just so tricky. It’s like every moment you’re figuring out what the heck you’re doing,” said Blake. Being a parent is not easy.

5 The Children Need Privacy

Raising a child who is seen by the whole world is tough, and that is why Blake and Ryan are choosing to keep all of their little ones away from things like that. Both of them are notorious for being extremely private when it comes to their family life, and their children in general.

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Lots of people who have been raised in the public eye have turned out just fine, but there are also many of them who have suffered because they didn’t have much privacy when they were younger, and Blake does not want that kind of life for her children.

4 Her Oldest Child Might Baby-sit

It is always tough for parents to find a person who seems qualified enough to baby-sit their children, but when Blake’s oldest daughter was almost two, it seems that her mother might have already considered having her baby-sit. The actress joked about it, but there are actually many parents who do this, and it is easy to see the reason why they do it.

Babysitters can be extremely expensive, which can be a bit of a problem. That means that it is easier for parents to get their oldest child to do it sometimes so that they can enjoy some time to themselves.

3 Blake And Ryan Hang Out With The Kids On Their Anniversary

Many couples enjoy having large and extravagant parties when they want to celebrate big things, such as their birthdays or wedding anniversaries, but Blake and Ryan actually prefer letting their children in on these things. Since they are rich and famous, fans probably imagine that they do a lot when they celebrate their wedding anniversary, but that could not be further from the truth.

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They chose to spend quality time with their little ones. “The best vacation we can have is to be able to do nothing with our family, so that’s what we did,” said the mother of three.

2 She Takes The Time To Talk To Her Kids

It is important that parents take the time to talk to their children and explain some things to them, and Blake knows that’s true. This famous mother is not opposed to taking the time to explain some stuff to her children so that they can understand life a little bit better.

When Blake and Ryan hung out with their kids during their wedding anniversary, Blake had to explain what the significance of the day was to one of her little girls. Apparently, the child thought that it meant that her mother was going to bring another baby into the family.

1 The Actress Does Not Mind Being Woken Up By Her Kids

Parents are not always fond of being woken up by their children, but that does not appear to be a problem for Blake. That does not mean that her children do not do that to her. It just means that she does not seem to mind it when it does occur.

The actress’ second child has a habit of waking her mother up so that she can enjoy a cake for breakfast. It seems like Inez definitely has a sweet tooth, which just makes Blake, Ryan, and their kids seem even more relatable than they already did. Hopefully she doesn’t eat cake every morning, though.

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