10 Tips For A Kid’s Birthday Party On A Budget

Moms know that a child's birthday party is a fun and happy occasion. There will be cake, colorful candles, presents, games, and all of their friends (and maybe some family members, too). But then they start thinking about what the party will cost since it seems like most kid birthday bashes are pretty elaborate and pricey events. And that causes a few headaches.

There are many ways to throw a kid's birthday party and not spend too much. After all, kids just want to have a good time and feel like they're appreciated on their special day. Here are 10 tips for a kid's birthday party on a budget.

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10 Throw It At Home

First things first, it can be expensive to rent a party or private room at a restaurant or kid-friendly place. Sometimes it can even be $500-$1000 and no one really wants to spend that.

The first tip for a kid's birthday party on a budget is to throw the party at home. That way, you don't have to shell out for an event space or worry about where to have it. You can definitely throw a great party. If your kid's birthday is during the warmer months, you can host it in your backyard, or if it rains or is snowing, then you can still decorate the house and make it look awesome.

9 Let The Kids Make Their Own Pizzas

Pizza is always a typical birthday party food. Everyone loves it and there will always be lots of happy children sitting around the table eating slices of cheese and pepperoni (or maybe they will pick some of the pepperonis off...).

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But while pizza is easy, it can be pricey to order enough for a large group of both children and adults. Why not let the kids make their own pizzas? This is a great way to throw a kid's birthday party on a budget. You can buy premade pizza dough and an assortment of toppings, and have it be part of the party.

8 Make A DIY Cupcake Or Cookie Bar

Just like ordering pizza can be expensive, so can ordering a birthday cake. Of course moms want their little one to have the best birthday and that includes a fancy and wonderful cake... but spending a hundred bucks (or even more) on a cake probably doesn't sound that appealing.

Instead, put out a dessert spread that is a DIY cupcake or cookie bar. You can buy some plain cupcakes or sugar cookies from the supermarket and then put out decorations, such as colorful icing, chocolate chips, candy, and more. The kids will love it.

7 Hire A Friend Or Relative

Every kid's birthday party has an activity portion and this is often where things get really fun... but also cost a lot of money.

Maybe your child's best pal had a party recently with reptiles or rented out a food truck for the occasion. You want to do the same but are a bit worried about the impact on your bank account. You can hire a friend or relative for the activity portion of the party and they will most likely give you a discounted rate (often called the friend and family discount). Is your best friend a makeup artist and she could do some face painting? Or maybe your aunt loves doing puppet shows.

6 Have The Kids Do An Arts And Crafts Project

Most children love arts and crafts. It's wonderful to see them drawing or painting. You can save money on your child's birthday party by having the kids do an arts and crafts project.

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This could be decorating a picture frame or placemats or making collages. There are tons of ideas and you can even offer a few different ones so you know that every child is happy and doing exactly what they want. Everyone will leave with a work of art and they will have had an awesome time.

5 Throw A Double Birthday Bash

Does your child have any friends, cousins, or neighbors who have a birthday in the same month? It could be really fun and also cost-effective to throw a double birthday party. This is another money-saving tip since you can split the costs of the party and it will work out great.

This is a good option if your kid has their heart set on a certain location for the birthday party since you can now split the cost of the rental fee, along with all of the food. Your child's friend's mom will also really appreciate being able to throw a budget party.

4 Rely On Dollar Store Decor

Moms want to decorate their house for the party... but spending hundreds of dollars on decorations isn't the goal. Thankfully, the dollar store is the greatest place ever, and moms can throw a kid's birthday party on a budget by buying decorations from the dollar store that is in their neighborhood.

The best part? Dollar stores have come a long way and honestly, have such cute stuff these days. Most of the time, you will buy things from there and no one will even know that you didn't have to spend a lot of money. You can definitely find decor that will fit whatever theme your child wants.

3 Find A Unique (And Low-Budget) Theme

It seems like all children's birthday parties have a theme, and they are often fairly elaborate. Some moms will rent a bouncy house that looks like a castle and throw a princess party that rivals what a celebrity mom would host.

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Moms can save money on the party by finding a unique and low-budget theme. For example, what about a candy-themed birthday party? That's something that every child will be super interested in. The best part is that you won't have to go crazy buying themed napkins or other items.

2 Screen A Movie On Netflix

It's a popular idea for a mom to take a group of kids to the movies for their child's birthday. But that can definitely add up if she is paying for all of the movie tickets plus snacks... and everyone knows how super expensive movie snacks are.

If you screen a movie on Netflix during the party, you won't have to worry about heading to a movie theatre and shelling out for that. You won't even have to worry about renting a projector. You can simply find something that everyone wants to watch and then press play since, of course, you already have this streaming service.

1 Make A Loot Bag With A Baked Good

Kids expect a cake or some kind of baked good at their birthday bash, and chances are, the kids who are attending said party are also expecting a loot bag before they leave. Loot bags are so much fun to receive and often include small toys and other fun objects.

Moms can also save money on the loot bags by making a baked good with their child the day before the party and then giving those out. You can make cookies, brownies, or even a fancy granola recipe. And then you can have fun wrapping them up and making them look pretty.

Now you've thrown an awesome birthday party... and you saved some money, too.

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