Mom Criticized For Charging $20 'Cover Fee' To Attend Her Kid's Birthday Party

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While there’s no doubt that children’s birthday parties seem to be getting more and more expensive every year, this mom’s unique idea to save money on her child’s party didn’t go over so well with some other parents. One supposedly "cheap" mom is getting slammed by her friend, and now the internet, for charging a $20 cover fee at her child’s birthday party every year.

According to an advice column on the Boston Globe, one anonymous parent voiced their frustration with a friend who insists on charging other people to come to her house to help celebrate her child’s birthday each year. And while she does provide entertainment, food, drinks, and cake, she also asks that friends and family also pay $20 to help cover some of the costs.

The advice-seeker says that while her friend is a “lovely, kind and truly wonderful person," she doesn’t appreciate the fact that she charges her friends and family members to help pay for a party that she insists on throwing each year. The poster even says that the friend in question usually places an envelope or a basket asking for donations inside her home.

And while a lot of people would assume that the friend might be strapped for cash, the poster says that’s not the case at all. She says that both her friend and her husband are financially stable and there is no other reason for their frugal behavior other than the fact that they are cheap.

The post was published in the Miss Conduct column that is written by Robin Abrahams and the advice-seeker wanted to know if she should tell her friend that people are talking about her behind her back, and not in a good way. In her reply, she told the poster exactly what she should and shouldn’t do in a situation like this one.

She said that while telling her friend that people are talking behind her back would make her paranoid and isn't a good idea, she does advise that she bring up the matter herself and most importantly, very gently. Abraham wrote, “Speak up before her poor daughter has to, since sooner or later, the girl will realize what her mother is up to and be humiliated.”

Abraham also said to keep questions about her finances to herself. She added, “Unless you’re her accountant, you don’t really know how she’s doing financially, and anyway plenty of people have bizarre neuroses about money that make their objective circumstances irrelevant. Your friend could well be in that group."

On average, parents spend anywhere from $500 to $1000 on their children’s birthday parties each year. Many venues charge anywhere from $20 to $30 per child for a party.

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