Could This Finally Help Your Toddler Get Rid Of Their Pacifier?

A new invention could help toddlers drop their pacifiers once and for all. With a step by step guide and all the materials included, Binkabear can ease the transition for toddlers and their parents alike.

Pacifiers do wonders to calm babies and of course, help them sleep through the night. Infants are born with a sucking reflex, so outside of feeding time, a pacifier provides just what they need. But extended pacifier use can cause dental issues and impede on speech development. Over time, babies become dependent on their pacis. Toddlers who continue to use a binky develop an emotional reliance on it as well.

At some point, a child needs to give up the pacifier. But how can parents take away the thing that comforts their child most? This transition can be a traumatic one, with lots of tears and lost sleep. Gradual weaning is iffy. Limiting the binky to sleep times can help as a first step, but after that cold turkey is the only way to break the dependency. If only there was another way. According to Kaitlyn Pierce of Binkabear, there is.

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Pierce created Binkabear when her own firstborn had to give up the pacifier. Here's how it works: First, parents read aloud from a book called Binkabear and the Magic of Willowspring. Binkabear is a bear who needs magic, and only your child can give it to him. How? By giving him her pacifier! All of the pacifiers in your home go inside the bear, and your child gets to keep the bear as a comfort object.

Binkabear helps children feel like they aren't really saying goodbye to their binkies. The pacis are still there, right inside the bear. Parents, on the other hand, can relax knowing that these binkies will no longer do damage to their kids' mouths and teeth.

Binkabear also helps kids ditch their pacis by acting as a surrogate comfort object. Instead of missing the soothing their pacifier once gave them, they can instead hug a cuddly bear. And there is no need to ever give up the Binkbear!

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