Billie Eilish Just Released A Cute Clothing Line For Kids

Billie Eilish Kids line featuring the singer

Have you ever wanted to dress your kiddo like Billie Eilish? Or do you have a little one who is a huge Billie fan? You now have the opportunity to have your own mini Billie at home! The singer recently released a merchandise line for kids and it's so cute. So now the kids in your life who love her can bring home a little bit of Billie.

Billie Eilish Kids, which Eilish revealed on Instagram is full of her signature style but in a much smaller size. Everything in the line comes in either white or "slime" green, which matches the shade of green in Billie's hair. There are items for babies, toddlers and kids, so no one is left out either. Of course things are pretty typical, you have tee shirts, shorts, and onsies. But, there are also the cutest little socks.

Billie Eilish has become a fashion icon, especially among younger fans. Because she has bucked the tradition of your average pop star by wearing baggy clothing including Because she has bucked the tradition of your average pop star by wearing baggy clothing including sweatshirts and jeans, some view her as a role model.sweatshirts and jeans, some view her as a role model. She also takes those baggy clothes and wears them in neons or neutrals. So even though she's choosing not to dress in a similar manner to many of her peers, she's still making quite a statement.

Anyone who has ever seen Billie Eilish on the red carpet knows her signature style. And that usually includes either a hoodie or a beanie. More often than not, she rocks both. Naturally, those items also had to be apart of her first clothing line. There is something seriously adorable about a toddler in a beanie and a hoodie that's hard to describe. But it is seriously the cutest thing we've ever seen.

kids in Billie Eilish Kids green beanie set
Credit: billieeilish.com

The clothing line is rolling out slowly. Right now you can get the "Billie Set" in white, which comes with a tee shirt and fleece shorts. You can also get the tee on its own. The white logo hoodie and beanie are also currently available, as is the orange onesie. All of the green clothing is currently available for pre-order and ships in approximately six weeks.

Everything in the clothing line ranges in size from a youth small to a size 5/6T. And the onesies range from newborn to 24 months. There are separate beanies for babies/toddlers and kids. Many of items retail for $20, but the hoodies are $40 and the sets are $50 for the white and $60 for the green.

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