Billie Eilish Blasts Nylon Germany For Photoshopping Her Into Topless, Bald Cover

Billie Eilish

Even if you're only semi-tuned in to pop culture and what's hot, you've more than likely heard the name Billie Eilish. The singer/songwriter has taken the music scene by storm lately, and her brooding, dark songs are being played all over radio stations all over the country. She's getting ready to wrap up a wildly successful international tour soon, and she's been nominated for a slew of awards at virtually every music awards show in the last few months. Her style if one-of-a-kind, and her brash, no apologies attitude is refreshing. Plus, she's 17 years old. Billie Eilish is one of the rare real-deal musicians that doesn't come around very often, and we're loving seeing her have her moment. But with the fame, as we know, comes negativity, and more often than not, other people trying to capitalize on her name and hard work.

Nylon Germany was called out by Billie Eilish herself, after the magazine used a digitally-altered image of her on their cover, without her consent and without consulting with her team. To add insult to injury, they made the fake Billie topless. Considering she's 17 years old, this was in incredibly poor taste, to say the least.

Nylon Germany shared what appears to be a digital cover of the magazine on their Instagram account (the post has since been deleted). The cover features a robot-like Billie Eilish, topless, and without any hair. It's clear from the image that it was created by a team of digital artists or highly altered and manipulated. But aside from the fact that portraying a topless 17-year-old on your cover is creepy, they didn't even collaborate with Billie Eilish or her team on the project.

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Billie got wind of the photo, and left a comment on the post before the entire thing was taken down. In her comment, Billie rips Nylon Germany for using her likeness without her input and without even consulting her team, and further tears them apart for making her topless and taking away all her hair. As Billie puts it, she is underage, after all! And just in general, promoting your magazine using someone else's name and likeness without their approval or consent is a crappy move.

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Nylon and Nylon Germany have not responded to requests for comment. But the American branch of the magazine did share their thoughts on Twitter.

One of the worst parts of this debacle is the fact that Billie Eilish intentionally dresses in a way as to not draw attention to her physical body, so no one can judge her or sexualize her. So the fact that they did just that, WITHOUT her consent, is particularly galling.

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