There's A Shower Curtain With Tech Pockets For Kids Who Can't Do Without Screen Time

There’s either good or troubling news for those who have a hard time parting with their electronic devices, even when they are in the shower. That’s because there’s a new shower curtain that has a built-in pocket for your iPhone or any hand-held device that sits in place while you shower or take a bath.

The curtain was actually designed with kids in mind and to help parents sway them to take a bath as part of their nightly routine. More often than not, moms and dads have a hard time trying to get their tots inside a bathtub, despite the promise of bubble bath fun. That’s why the makers of the Better Than Bubbles Tech-Friendly Shower Curtain want to make things a little easier on parents. With a built-in clear liner pocket, it’s large enough to fit a number of different devices, including phones, tablets, Kindles and baby monitors.

Kids can also use their touch-screen devices by swiping their fingers up, down, left and, right on the clear liner. The pockets face outwards, so parent don’t have to worry about their children grabbing their devices with their wet hands. This was designed to allow kids to get distracted while mom and dad try to fit in their bath time in their nightly routine.

Credit: Amazon

The Better Than Bubbles Tech-Friendly Shower Curtain is available on Amazon and costs $20.97.

Many critics and tech experts agree that there are both pros and cons to the tech-friendly shower curtain. While there’s a strong possibility that it might make bath time a little easier on parents – especially when it comes to shampooing and the general washing – it might also make kids even more addicted to their devices. After all, many studies have shown that children that are even under the age of 2 are exceeding the recommended maximum amount of screen time per day.

While there’s no fear that your phone will fall into the tub, the curtain does give kids yet another excuse to watch their favorite Netflix show or catch up on their latest series of unboxing videos on YouTube. Of course, that gives parents a few options to consider. They can use the tech curtain to get the job done or simply put their kids to bed – without a bath – and hope for a hassle-free morning in the bathroom.

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