Teacher's 'Viral' Note On Unconventional Approach To Summer Break Should Be Required Reading

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For many of us families, summer vacation has started, or is starting soon. Summer is a great time to try and give kids a break from the grind of school. But with things like summer reading lists and other activities, it can be hard. Sure, it's good to go over things that may have been learned during the school year over the summer. But if we're forcing kids to do work over summer, what's the point? One teacher took to Facebook to point this out, and make her own version of a summer homework packet. And it's absolutely brilliant.

Teacher Betsy Eggart shares that parents were asking her about sending home work over the summer. Naturally, it's good to anticipate and plan around something like schoolwork. And while Eggart suggests that maybe it's something she'd do in the future, she has a better solution. Her version of the "summer packet" is much more interactive and hands on. And that's what makes it so brilliant.

A parent asked me the other day, “Are you sending home a packet of work for the summer?” I paused and felt half-guilty...

Posted by Betsy Eggart on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

It's so easy to reinforce the rote learning that kids get during the year. But so often, we leave aside the emotional learning. Then we wonder why, but if we're not doing it, who will. In her summer packet, Eggart suggests things helping our kids tie their own shoes. Sure, it's a total pain, and kind of frustrating, but it's important. "Make sure your child isn’t the one dragging their laces through the bathroom and cafeteria then asking the teacher to tie it," Eggart pleads.

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Another great suggestion is keeping the bedtime routine, even in the summer. Yes, it may not always be possible, but when you can. Honestly, it will be so much easier to get the kids back on track the closer you get to the start of school.

Eggart also suggests writing letters to friends and family. Then you're actually killing two birds with one stone; they're practicing writing, and you get to do something fun. And think about how much those close to them will appreciate something in the mail. You can even encourage those you send letters to send one back. Kids love mail.

Betsy Eggart also really drives home the point of spending time with your kids over the summer. Sitting down to have a family meal, which may be easier said than done, will help you review proper table manners. Reading to your children and around your children will help foster their love of reading.

The most important point? Let your kids rest! They're just small humans, and everyone needs a break sometimes. "I feel like summertime should just be summer and a time to breathe," Eggart tells USA Today.

We'll definitely be adopting this summer packet!

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