10 YouTubers That Are A Good Influence On Kids

Don't you miss the time when kids and young teens were just watching entertainment through television shows? Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, and the Disney Channel are some top shows for children back then. Today, kids follow and subscribe to different vloggers, YouTube personalities and various channels by a tap of their innocent fingers, and we mostly have no idea what these shows are all about. It's about time we familiarize ourselves with the entertainment our kids are into these days and filter the shows they watch. There is a lot of good stuff, informative, educational, nice and decent personalities, that kids can watch regularly on YouTube, and these are 10 of the best ones.

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10 Family Fun Pack

This channel has over 8-million subscribers and as the name says it's packed with fun family activities. Family Fun Pack is a show about a family of eight, headed by California-based mom and dad Kristine and Matt. They have six children, the eldest is Alyssa (who has her own channel with 600,000 subscribers), then David, the twins Zac and Chris, Michael, and Owen. 

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It's a very kid-friendly show and is great for all ages, even adults. The gang posts videos of playtime, outdoor excursions, visits to museums, skits, cooking, toys, and everything a family does for fun. This is a channel that promotes family time and fun time, perfect for the whole gang.

9 Liza Koshy

This 23-year old YouTuber started posting videos on YouTube in 2013. Since then, she’s gathered 17-million subscribers, had her own shows (Liza On-Demand), appeared in various TV shows and films, and built her second YouTube channel Liza Koshy Too with 8-million subscribers. 

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Her channel primarily attracts older kids, young teens, and quite frankly, due to her wholesome overall personality, is great entertainment for adults as well. Her skits and jokes are in tune with young adult audiences and will surely get some laughs from grown-ups. Check out one of her dollar store videos and you'll understand why she has 17 million fans.

8 CookieSwirlC

If we ever wonder what to get our kids for the holidays or on their birthdays, check out the CookieSwirlC channel for some good tips and a great spread of demonstrations. This channel features unboxing videos of hundreds of different kinds of children's toys, with a very detailed commentary, oftentimes funny, and always kid-friendly. 

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But it offers much more than just unboxing. CookieSwirlC is like a documentary for toys and how to play with them well. The production of these videos is top-notch, complete with background music, sounds, and "studio" layout. CookieSwirlC has 12-million subscribers and its videos have been viewed 11 billion times.

7 Daniel Robert Middleton

The brains behind the popular YouTube channel DanTDM is the 27-year old England-based Daniel Robert Middleton. His channel started out as videos of the game Minecraft in 2012 and blew up to 21 million subscribers as of today. There are many channels and YouTubers out there that post gaming videos but DanTDM stands out because it's absolutely kid-friendly and features games that target children gamers and audiences. 

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Zero profanity and cool subject matter, plus gaming displays of Minecraft and other popular video games can be seen on Dan's channel. DanTDM is the safest channel if your kids want to watch videos of games on YouTube.

6 Rafi & Benny Fine

Kids React is just a fun channel to watch by kids. It's a straight-up video of kids watching something and the camera recording their precious and oftentimes, hilarious, reactions. It's the first of its kind, launched in 2010 by brothers Rafi and Benny Fine. 

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It's an award-winning show that received an Emmy for Best Viral Video Series in 2012, spawning several spin-offs after the unprecedented success and fame. The brothers launched different React videos like Teens React, YouTubers React, and Parents React. Now you can subscribe to the show by searching "React" and join the other 11-million subscribers all over the world.

5 Colleen Ballinger

One can say that Miranda Sings is the alter-ego of YouTuber Colleen Ballinger. She started posting on YouTube in 2006 as Colleen Ballinger, then she created the Miranda Sings channel and it's that character that took off and has almost 10.8 million fans now. Miranda Sings is an aspiring singer, with overly done red lipstick (her trademark), and posts her adventures for her fans. 

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Up since 2010, Miranda Sings apparently has 2-million more fans than Colleen Ballinger. Kid-friendly content and the channel attracts pre-teen girls mostly. Her videos are mostly skits, reactions to music videos, music video parodies, and various other funny and entertaining material.

4 Ryan Kaji

What person can get any parent convinced to purchase a toy than a kid reviewing toys? This channel may have started as a simple unboxing of toys video posted by parents Shion and Loann Kaji, but they are now some of the most influential personalities in the toy industry. Whatever Ryan gives a positive review on, the sales skyrocket, which is expected since they have a huge sum of 20.7 million subscribers. 

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Check out their channel and refresh every minute or so, and see that it increases thousands every few minutes. Ryan ToysReview is a show about toys made for children and the lead role is a kid named Ryan who's simply just a boy who loves toys.

3 Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino may be a 34-year old YouTuber, but her fan base is wide and covers all kid fans from 3-years old to 12. It's because she combines the three things kids like: toys, colorful, baked goodies, and very clear instructions. She started posting 9 years ago, and her most popular videos are the Nerdy Nummies and Recipes video series. 

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Her videos are fun to watch, her personality is just awesome and her voice has a warm quality, attracting first-time viewers right away. Rosanna probably influenced thousands of kids into baking her recipes, watch some and they'd want to make you bake the Lion King cake or the Pikachu cake.

2 Tiffany Herrera

This channel is yet more proof of how gaming videos can be done in a family-friendly way. Cupquake is what Tiffany Herrera is more popularly known as, and her channel is called iHasCupquake. It not only features video games and Minecraft worlds but also has a range of other subject matter. 

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She has baking videos and graphic arts tutorial videos. iHasCupquake has been on YouTube since 2010 and now has 6.5-million subscribers. Tiffany's voice talent is also in Disney's Ralph Breaks the Internet. This is a very wholesome gamer channel for girl gamers.

1 Coyote Peterson

This channel is a refreshing change of pace from all the videos of unboxing toys, food and baking, video games, and other similar material from popular YouTubers. Brave Wilderness is really one of a kind, it's riskier than any other adult wildlife expert out there because the host intentionally gets stung by the creatures he features in his videos. This brave but crazy (it seems) man is Coyote Peterson. He started his channel in 2014 and has featured animals from bears and snakes to spiders and ants. His 14-million subscribers learn basic knowledge on how to behave around wild animals.

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