10 Best TV Moms

For many people, the bond they share with their mother is one of the most important things in their life. After all, in most cases, the relationship one has with the woman who brought them into this world is the first real bond they get to experience, so it is usually a very strong one.

Moms are the people everyone can go to for comfort. Their hugs are the best, they give awesome advice, and their love is unconditional. There are a lot of wonderful moms in real life, and there have been some great ones on television as well.

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10 Vanessa Baxter

Last Man Standing is a show that can make nearly everyone laugh. The series centers around Mike, Vanessa, Kristin, Mandy, and Eve Baxter.

Vanessa is the matriarch of the Baxter family, and she is a great role model. She is the glue of the Baxter family since she is always there for her loved ones.

Additionally, she’s an incredibly smart and funny woman. Vanessa had a career in geology, but she left it and took up teaching, and she loves inspiring children. In addition, she is a wonderful grandmother to Boyd Baxter, who is the son of her oldest daughter.

9 Vivian Banks


The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air was one of the many shows that defined the decade it was a part of. The plot focuses on a large family. The lead character, who is played by actor Will Smith, moves from Philadelphia to California so he can live with his aunt and uncle.

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His aunt is Vivian Banks. She is a nurturing, kind and intelligent woman who has four children of her own. Vivian once worked as a doctor, and then she later became a teacher, all while raising her children. She’s also a bit of a mother figure for her nephew.

8 Catelyn Stark

Fans of the show Game Of Thrones have learned not to get attached to the characters since even the stars of the series are not protected from having a cruel fate. One of those characters was Catelyn Stark, who was the wife of Ned Stark.

Catelyn is a fantastic mom. Though she did not last long in the show, she proved that she would always do anything for her children. She also gave some pretty good advice to her son Robb as well. Catelyn may not have been on the show for very long, but she left a good impression.

7 Lorelai Gilmore

Every mom makes mistakes once in a while, even when they are fictional characters on a television show. But that is usually what makes them very relatable, and that’s the case for Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls.

Sometimes Lorelai doesn’t make the best decisions. But, no matter what, she always tries to do what is best for her and her daughter, Rory. In fact, parents can learn a lot from Lorelai. After all, she is very interested in the things her daughter is into. In addition, throughout the entire series, Lorelai does her best to help Rory achieve her dreams.

6 Debra Barone


Debra Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond is a shining example of what being a great mother means. She doesn’t always get everything right, and sometimes she seems to be a little bit over-taxed since she has to take care of the house and raise three children.

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Also, her husband doesn’t help her out very much. Therefore, she has to do a lot of things herself. Additionally, there is no doubt that Debra has a lot of love for her family. Another thing that makes her a great mom is the fact that she is tough when she needs to be.

5 Jill Taylor

Jill Taylor from Home Improvement is a fantastic mom. She has to keep up with three rowdy boys, and she is often the voice of reason in the Taylor family.

Throughout the series, Jill does everything she can to be a great mother to Brad, Randy, and Mark. She also has an awesome sense of humor, and she is also strict sometimes.

Also, she only calls her children by their full names when they are in trouble, which is something many moms do in real life as well. Jill Taylor is a character that represents a lot of real women.

4 Beverly Goldberg

Beverly Goldberg is one of the best moms on television these days. Also, one fun fact about her is that she is actually based off of a real person.

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The Goldbergs is based on a real family, which is why all of the characters seem so real. Beverly has been known to be a little over the top sometimes, but everything she does is done out of the love she has for her family. Beverly is not flawless by any stretch of the imagination, and that’s what makes her so great. But she always supports her children no matter what.

3 Linda Belcher

Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers is one very charismatic woman. It’s no surprise that her children are as hilarious and awesome as they are, since she is usually the life of the party.

Linda is a lot of fun, and she always puts her children first. But one of the best things about her is that she is very unique. Linda might be an animated character, but there is so much about her that seems very real. She’s a great role model for mothers everywhere, and she knows it’s important to let loose and have fun once in a while.

2 Joyce Byers

One of the shows that demonstrates the importance of the relationship a mom shares with her children is Stranger Things. There are a couple of important moms on that series, one of which is Joyce Byers.

Joyce is a mother of two boys, Jonathan and Will. When Will goes missing, Joyce proves that there is nothing she won’t do for her children as she continues to search for him, despite others telling her that there is no reason to. Additionally, she spends much of her time at work, since she is taking care of herself and her two kids alone.

1 Roseanne Conner

Characters like Roseanne Conner really changed the game for a lot of mothers on television. Roseanne revolutionized sitcoms in numerous ways. All of the characters seemed like real people, especially when it came to the matriarch of the family, Roseanne.

In the beginning of the show, she works full-time, and she is also the primary caretaker of her children. Her husband, Dan, does help raise their kids. But Roseanne is usually the one they go to when they need something. She also has a pretty hilarious sense of humor as well, which is part of what makes her so awesome.

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