Ranked: 11 Best Themed Birthday Parties For Girls

When you’re trying to plan the perfect birthday party for your daughter, there are a lot of things to think about. You have to decide whether you want to do a big, extravagant party or want something simpler and cheaper. No matter your budget or the effort you’re able to put on, you want to find a theme that your daughter and her friends will love.

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Of course, each individual child is different, so you'll want to cater to their party to meet their interests. There are, whoever, some general birthday party themes for girls that will be a hit. Here are some great ideas if you're struggling a little!


A princess-themed party is probably one of the most popular ideas when it comes to little girls’ birthday parties. Of course, you can spin this theme to be empowering, focusing on the strength as well as the femininity of women and girls.

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There are many things you can do with this theme. For younger kids, a cutesy princess theme is a good idea. And, of course, Disney princesses are likely to be a big hit. Frozen themes certainly aren't likely to go out of style any time soon!


Lots of kids love Harry Potter, whether they are boys or girls. It is still a big pop culture phenomenon, and it’s pretty easy to make a party with this theme as most party stores will have party supplies.

You can also get creative by creating wands for each child or sorting people into their Hogwarts house. On top of that, you could have the kids watch one of the movies if they are old enough to do so, and there are many creative decorations you can buy or put together yourself.


Most kids, especially younger ones, love animals. Both boys and girls are likely to enjoy an animal-themed party. This theme can be individualized, depending on your child and what kind of animals they like.

You could do a cute woodland animal party for preschool children or maybe dinosaurs for an older elementary school girl. You could also do marine animals for a summer-themed party and take everyone to the pool or let them play in sprinklers outside.


A tea party is a great idea if you want a smaller group for your daughter’s party. This is a bit of a calmer theme, so it’s a good choice if you’re just not in the mood for a lot of noise. You can make little snacks for the kids and provide different dress-up options including hats and jewelry.

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You don’t have to actually serve tea, of course, but can include teacups. It’s also cute to add stuffed animals to the party, and this makes a great theme for a girl that is around 4 years old.


Playing make believe and having imagination is one of the most magical things about childhood. Planning a fairy or mermaid party is a great way to encourage this in your daughter.

These themes can be super cute, and you can come up with adorable party favors such as shells or magic wands. You can also encourage the attendees to wear a mermaid-themed outfit. Another fun idea is to take this party to the pool or any body of water if the birthday is during the summertime.


A movie night is another fun birthday party theme that doesn’t take a ton of effort or planning. A movie night is a good idea for an older child or preteen and could be turned into a slumber party.

You can make popcorn and get other movie theater snacks such as those bigger boxes of candy. For an especially fun time, you can set up a movie night outside so the kids will feel like they are at the drive-in. Depending on the movies the children will be watching, you can also cater decorations and party favors to fit.


Games can be a fun and interactive way for kids to learn and have fun together. Depending on your daughter’s age, you can adapt the party. For younger children, playing games like Candyland and Connect Four is a good option.

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You could even base the party over a certain board game. Older kids can play board games such as Clue, or you could have them play some video games such as Mario Kart or Just Dance.


Most kids love at least one Disney movie. While Disney princesses are generally thought of for girls’ birthday parties, there are many other Disney themes to choose from.

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A preschool child might enjoy a more classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse party. You can focus the theme on your daughter’s favorite Disney movie and go from there.


Having a traveling- or adventure-themed party is a great way to encourage exploration in children. You can change this party to meet your child’s interests. So, if they really love the idea of traveling to a certain place, you can have food that is from that area.

One great idea for an around the world party is to add a hot air balloon motif for a little bit of vintage flair.


It’s not just boys who love superheroes. A lot of little girls like them, too. These days, there are a lot more female superheroes for girls to look up to. You can plan a birthday party based on one of these heroes, such as Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel.

Pre-teen girls might especially like a Shuri/Black Panther themed party. There are many Marvel and DC party favors you can find at party planning stores to make the process much easier.


Your daughter is an individual with her own interests and passions. As such, you will want to plan a party that she is going to love the most. Some girls like more traditionally girly things like princess and flowers, while others don’t at all.

No matter what your daughter loves, planning a party catering to her current interests will give her the best time of all. That's what it's all about.

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