10 Best Christmas Gifts For Teachers

What does a teacher want (or not want) for Christmas? They already have plenty of coffee mugs sitting in their pantry and a million kitschy, teacher-themed knick-knacks lying around the house, so avoid those at all costs. There are many blog posts out there (written by teachers) that tell us the do's and don'ts of holiday gift giving but don't worry, your gift can stand out among the rest without breaking the bank. Teachers are often underpaid, overworked, and under-appreciated, so show them how much they're valued with these 10 holiday gift ideas that they'll actually use.

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10. Personalized Wine Bottles

Let's get real, no amount of cutesy teacher mugs are going to help Ms. Jones unwind at the end of the day after teaching a class of 25 fourth graders. Is your teacher tee-total? No problem, just get her a bottle of sparkling cider instead (the joke is still cute).

One creative mom (who also happens to own a printing company) came up with a custom label with her child's photo along with the phrase, “Our child might be the reason you drink, so enjoy this bottle on us," and included a personalized “thank you” gift tag on each bottle for the finishing touch.


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9. Netflix And Grade

Sure, you can get your child's teacher a gift certificate to the movie theater, only to have them spend their entire life's savings on a drink and some popcorn, so why not offer a cheaper alternative? Everyone binge watches Netflix these days, so prepare the perfect binge date with a Netflix-themed gift basket! Check out this tutorial for a Netflix and Grade T-Shirt and fill the basket with a Netflix gift card, a cozy blanket, and their favorites snacks and drinks.

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8. Perfect For TEAchers

If your TEAcher is a TEA lover, then why not do this gift as a perfect play on words?! These tea wreaths are creative and can be customized with teas that are perfect for teachers, like stress-relieving tea or immunity support (or just the teacher's favorite brands). Remember, the more attractive the wrapping is on the tea bags, the better. Not only are these trees cute and practical, they're also inexpensive and very easy to make! Check out this website for specific instructions on assembly.

7. Year Long Gift In A Frame

This is the gift that keeps on giving, all year long! All you need is a frame (any size and design that you'd like) and some cute inspirational prints for every month or season of the year. Just place all twelve prints in the frame together and wrap it up with some pretty twine. It’s as easy as it is inexpensive. If you like the prints pictured above, click here for a free download, or customize your own for a particular teacher or theme.

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6. Emergency Teacher Stash

Who doesn't love a delicious assortment of chocolates? Start by picking out a cute container, but make sure it's something that can be reused in the classroom after all the goodies are gone, like the pencil box pictured above. The next step is just filling it with your child's teacher's favorite local treats or a selection of fun-sized candies (make sure you know their favorites!) The last part is just attaching a cute tag or label. If you like the one pictured above, click here for a free download.

5. For A SCENTsational Teacher

There are a lot of articles on the internet about the types of gifts teachers appreciate, but practical gifts that they will actually use always come out on top. Head over to Bath and Body Works and pick out some delicious smelling hand soap (the foaming kind is the best) or follow these instructions to make your own. Make sure you customize your bottle with a personalized gift tag that can say whatever you like (to a "SCENTsational teacher, for example), or click here to purchase the ones pictured above.

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4. Practical And Creative

Like I mentioned earlier, teachers love some practical gifts around the holidays, and you can't get more practical crayons and glue sticks! All you need to assemble this cake/tree are a selection of school supplies (obviously), some pretty ribbon, and anything else you want to dress it up with. These classroom supply trees/cakes can be made with just about anything a teacher needs, so make sure to find out what they're running low on first. Check out this school supply tree made with paper towels!

3. Great Class Gift

PTA moms, listen up, because this is a fabulous "group gift" idea for the teachers in your life! Head over to the craft store and pick up a twig wreath, a small clipboard, ribbon, gift cards and this amazing teacher printable. Ask every parent in the classroom to purchase a gift card (make sure you find out what kind of things the teacher likes first) and assemble it by gently tucking each card within the wreath. Super cute, right?! Even better, the teacher can use the wreath to decorate their home for the holidays.

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2. That's A Wrap

This is an inexpensive and practical holiday gift that any teacher (or friend/neighbor/bus driver) would LOVE. Simply pick up a 3-pack of pretty wrapping paper (don't skimp, get the good stuff), some gift tags, and a 3-pack of tape! Decorate it however you want, but be sure to use this cute and FREE printable that reads, "Since November you've been shopping, barely sleeping, hardly stopping. Now it's late you're in a scrape, out of paper, out of tape. Hope this wrap helps save the day! Have a Happy Holiday!"

1. Surviving Flu Season Gift Basket

Every teacher I know battles sickness during the cold and flu season, which just so happens to fall right around the holidays (fun). Why not hook them up with a gift basket filled with nothing but cold medicine, Airborne, Emergen-C, Vitamin C tablets, cough drops, etc? Include a warm blanket, some fuzzy slippers, a can of chicken noodle soup, or whatever else you can think of! If you don't feel comfortable buying them medication, go the more natural route and check out this Burt's Bees themed "get well kit."

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