10 Surprise Treats Every Kid Wants To Find In Their Lunchbox

Packing a kid's lunchbox is no joke, and many moms find it to be a completely nerve-racking experience. The last thing that a mom wants is for their child to come home from school with a full lunchbox because they didn't want to eat anything that was in it (we've all been there).

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While every mom wants their kid to eat a healthy lunch, there has to a fun treat included as well. It should be a surprise, too, so their little one can open their lunchbox and smile. Here are some ideas.

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10 Tiny Box Of Raisins

Kids really love raisins since they are so sweet, and there is not much that is better than finding a tiny box of raisins in your lunchbox. Dried fruit feels more like a treat than something healthy, but raisins are still a treat that moms can feel awesome about packing.

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When you're a kid, you feel so special getting one of those little boxes. We can probably all remember the thrill from our own childhood. This is a treat that moms should leave as a surprise while packing their kids' lunchbox, and their little one will be pleased to see it.

9 Rice Krispie Square

Rice Krispie squares are another surprise treat that moms should put in a lunchbox. These are such a classic snack/dessert for a reason: they are simply delicious. Kids will cheer when they find this treat, that's for sure (and their friends will be jealous).

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Although there are many modern desserts that are trendy (like making brownies with almond butter instead of white flour or adding veggies to quick breads), there is nothing like Rice Krispie squares. This is a great treat to put in a lunchbox since it won't get too messy (or at least not as messy as chocolate since chocolate can melt).

8 Favorite Brand Of Granola Bar

Granola bars are thought of as a healthy snack since they contain oats/whole grains. They also contain sugar, there's no doubt about it... which is exactly why they are so delicious according to every child.

Every child has a favorite brand of granola bar, and it's most likely something that has some chocolate chips in it (or maybe some dried fruit if that's their thing... but it most likely has chocolate). Granola bars are a great treat to pop into a kid's lunchbox and your son or daughter will be glad to see it (and ask for it again tomorrow).

7 Apple Chips

If you've ever had apple chips, you can probably agree that they're incredibly sweet. The fact that this fruit dries so well and becomes so sweet and crispy is magical.

These will definitely appeal to children, since it feels like eating dessert. Moms will smile and love that they're packing fruit in their kids' lunchboxes. Apple chips are a perfect surprise treat and are especially great for a kid who loves salty potato chips, since they're much healthier. Chances are, after the first time that a small bag of apple chips is hidden in their lunchbox, a kid will beg for them all the time.

6 Popcorn

Popcorn is another solid pick for a surprise treat in a kid's lunchbox. The cool thing about popcorn is that while its salty/sweet flavor and crunchy texture definitely feel like a treat, it's a whole grain, so many people consider it to be healthy. Moms will love hearing that, right?!

We can choose plain popcorn, buttered, caramel, or even find a recipe online and add our own flavors, which will be a fun project. Since many kids associate popcorn with going to the movies or watching a flick at home, this will feel like a treat that is out of the ordinary. Just don't go overboard with the toffee variety!

5 Banana Bread

Banana bread is another classic treat that will always be welcomed with open arms. It would make a great treat to hide in your kid's lunchbox... and if you add chocolate, well, your kid will come home and give you a great big hug.

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Banana bread is easy to put in a lunchbox, since parents can wrap up a slice and the texture is generally dense and hearty enough that it won't fall apart. That's definitely not the case with some other cakes or desserts, so you can take advantage of this and pack this surprise on a not-too-regular basis.

4 Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

Okay, we know that kids love chocolate, and when it comes to a surprise treat being hidden in their lunchbox, there has to be something that involves their favorite food ever.

Chocolate-covered pretzels are a wonderful treat and would definitely be a big surprise. Since most kids aren't eating these all the time, they'll feel special. The good news is that if moms are feeling ambitious, they can make these themselves... but there's no reason why they can't pick some up at the store, either.

3 Energy Balls

Energy balls are simple to make at home and often have fruit, nuts, and/or nut butter in them. It's possible to find some nut-free recipes, since many schools are nut-free environments. Moms will love these treats since they are full of healthy stuff and contain protein.

A nut-free recipe would have dates and coconut, for example, and be totally delicious. These appeal to kids since they are easy to eat, sweet, and fun. Many recipes don't even require cooking or baking which will make this simple and convenient (two things that are always awesome).

2 Home-Made Granola

Home-made granola is full of dried fruit, oats, maple syrup or honey, and the list of delicious ingredients goes on and on. Many children love granola because it's so much fun to eat and makes such a good snack.

Moms will like making it and will also like how much their kids enjoy it, too. Any kid would be happy to find this as a surprise treat in their lunchbox. As long as the granola contains things that they definitely love, this will be a success. Thankfully, since granola is healthy, this can be a repeat lunchbox surprise and not just a special occasion thing.

1 Home-Made Cookies

No kid can say no to a delicious home-made cookie, especially not if it's hidden as a surprise treat in their lunchbox and they truly had no idea. They will be the most popular kid at the table and everyone will be envious.

This is a great treat for a special occasion (like the day before the holdays or if it's your kid's birthday), since cookies are definitely the most dessert-like option on this list. We can bake some cookies that appeal to our children the most, whether that's oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip, and bask in the glory of being the best parents around.

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