8 Problem-Solving Products Under $15 Every Parent Needs

With the plethora of products available to parents, it can be overwhelming to find ones that work, figure out what you will need, and what is worth purchasing. So, when there are products that can help make our lives easier by solving every day problems, we are first in line.

Since we know how busy parents are, we have tried to take one thing off your list with some great suggestions of items you won’t want to miss out on. Here are eight problem-solving products we think every parent should have.

Baby Nasal Aspirator

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We all know the struggle is real when it comes to stuffy noses. Well, struggle no more! The baby nasal aspirator is a must have. Though, at first, the idea of sucking the snot out of your littles nose seems a bit weird, there is something oddly satisfying about seeing the results of your efforts. It’s powerful enough to suck out mucus and boogers without being invasive. Best of all, it’s easy to clean! Much more effective than a bulb aspirator, you will wonder how you lived without one.

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Tear-Free Waterfall Rinser

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Bath time. It can be the sweetest time to bond with your baby. However, it can also lead to many tears while struggling to not only rinse all of the soap from their tiny heads, but ensuring the water avoids falling into their eyes. That’s where the Tear-Free Waterfall Rinser from Skip Hop comes in. Its soft rubber lip fits snuggly to the forehead, acting as a visor, preventing water from getting in eyes. Pop it in the dishwasher to clean, making it easy to use and practical. With this adorable rinser, your worries will disappear down the drain!

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Silicone Bib:

Credit: Amazon

Let’s be honest, mealtime is messy! Save those adorable outfits with a durable and easy to clean silicone bib. BPA free, this bib is also dishwasher safe and the deep pocket is perfect for catching all those tiny crumbs. Available in several bright, fun colors, its adjustable strap makes it wearable from ages six months to three years.

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Temperature Control Faucet:

Credit: Amazon

How many times have you worried about your little one once they discover how to turn on the water faucet? As we shrive to teach our kids independence when doing tasks like washing their hands and brushing their teeth, we also want to make sure they are safe. These LED water faucets fit on most taps and light up when the tap turns on. Depending on the temperature of the water, different colors appear. Water glows blue when cold, green when warm and red when hot. These are a great option for your kitchen or bathroom, and, they look pretty neat even if you use it more than the kids!

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Keep It Clean Pacifier:

Credit: Amazon

How many times in a day does the pacifier hit the ground? We know we have lost count. With these handy pacifiers, you won’t have to channel your inner ninja every time one is about to fall! With various colors and designs available, these BPA free pacifiers conveniently close when dropped so that the nipple stays clean. Genius? We think so!

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Bath Toy Organizer:

Credit: Amazon

How many times have you stepped into the bathtub to have your own shower and almost impale your foot? Well, save your sanity and your feet with the Munchkin Scoop, Drain and Store Bath Toy Organizer. Its large size allows for plenty of toys and its drain holes allow for quick rinsing and drying. Since it attaches to the tub wall with a hanging bracket, it is easy to install, making your life instantly easier.

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Banana Baby Teether:

Credit: Amazon

How cute is this teether? Encouraging early oral hygiene, this teether helps prevent cavities later. Your baby will love the easy to hold design, making it appealing for baby and parents! Easily clean in the dishwasher and pop in the freezer to help sooth sore, teething gums. You’ll go bananas over this adorable product!

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Game Plate

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Does mealtime involve tears, protesting and frustration? Kids can be challenging too! With this cute and colorful game plate, your kids will be motivated to eat their meal, so you might be able to eat a warm one (or at least lukewarm). Eat through all the sections on the train to get to the hidden treat, which is hidden under the last compartment. My only question; do they make ones for adults?

Want this product? Shop it from Amazon for $7.99

We know these products won’t solve all of your problems. However, they will make life easier…saving you time, sanity and frustration!


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