10 Podcasts Kids Should Definitely Check Out

These days, it seems as though many children are constantly using some form of technology, and that is actually pretty cool. There are a lot of things kids can do today that would not have been possible just a few years ago, thanks to tablets, computers, cell phones, and other cool gadgets.

While this makes some parents very nervous, there are a lot of good things that can come from it as well. Apparently, there are some games and apps that can actually help kids grow mentally, which is awesome. There are also a lot of very useful facts children can learn online these days, since everyone has access to lots of information through their electronic devices that are connected to the internet.

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10 Little Stories For Tiny People

Little ones love to listen to stories, which is what makes Little Stories For Tiny People a perfect podcast for them. This podcast was designed with children in mind, and it is very engaging for them.

Parents, as well as other people who care for children often, will certainly want to hit the “subscribe” button on this podcast. Those who are looking for a new way to entertain their kids for a little while will certainly be happy with it since it features stories that contain the quirky sense of humor children often have. Each story is also fairly short so the listeners do not lose interest.

9 Story Pirates

Story Pirates is a great podcast for kids to listen to since it features lots of great talent. One of the coolest things about this podcast is that it features stories that have actually been written by kids, so it is guaranteed to keep little boys and girls entertained for a long time.

The stories that are featured on this podcast are wonderfully imaginative, and they are sure to keep listeners entranced from start to finish. The tales on Story Pirates are interesting and captivating, and yet each one is still fit for little boys and girls everywhere to enjoy.

8 KiDNuZ

Older kids should definitely know what is going on in the world, so parents should have their offspring check out a podcast called KiDNuZ. This is centered around current news, and it is designed for young ears, which means that the anchors will educate young minds on what is happening in the world without discussing any details that are too mature for children to hear about.

Each episode features a brief newscast about newsworthy events that are happening around the world. The target audience is children who are anywhere between eight and twelve years old. This podcast features award-winning journalists who have a lot of experience in their field of work.

7 But Why: A Podcast For Curious Minds

Kids are naturally curious little creatures, which is why they will find great joy in listening to But Why: A Podcast For Curious Minds. Children basically lead this podcast, since parents can record them asking whatever interesting questions they have, and send the recordings to the podcast creators.

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Anyone who has ever been around children knows that they are always asking questions. There’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes those questions are hard for moms and dads to answer. Parents who find themselves in this spot will really like this podcast, and children are sure to enjoy it a lot as well, since it will help them find out answers to some of their biggest questions.

6 Spare The Rock, Spoil The Child

Spare The Rock, Spoil The Child is actually great for people of all ages, but it is particularly aimed at children. It is a very family-friendly podcast that features lots of fun and upbeat songs that everyone can dance to.

Kids and music are a pretty fun and entertaining combination, so this podcast is sure to be a hit with both children and their parents. One thing that makes Spare The Rock, Spoil The Child unique is the fact that it is basically a mix between a podcast and a music streaming app, and it features a lot of great musical talent.

5 Peace Out

Parents will likely agree that getting a kid to go to bed can be quite complicated, but a podcast called Peace Out can actually make that experience much easier. Once moms and dads give this podcast a shot, they probably won’t be able to hit the “subscribe” button fast enough.

Peace Out is great for kids to listen to before they go to bed because it features really interesting, calming stories that are meant for a young audience. Another fun fact is that the people behind this podcast know what they are doing, since they all have children of their own.

4 Brains On!

Kids usually love to learn about science, which is why podcasts like Brains On! are great for them. Every week, the host of the show is joined by a co-host, who is usually a child, and they discuss the answers to interesting questions that families send them from different areas of the world.

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Children are curious about how the world works, and the creators of this podcast know how important it is to satisfy their curiosity. Brains On! has won many awards, and it is actually something lots of people should check out at least once, since there are even adults who will find it useful.

3 Sesame Street

Children have been huge fans of Sesame Street for years, so it is not particularly surprising that they are fans of the podcast. While some podcasts are only audio-based, there are also some like this one, which has videos on it as well.

Listeners can listen to fun songs while they learn about friendship, peace, and other very important things. Each episode has some of the classic Sesame Street characters on it, as well as some who have recently been added, such as Julia.

Kids can check out new episodes every Monday. But if they find themselves in the mood to watch it on other days, watching old ones again is always fun as well.

2 Five Minutes With Dad

Teachable moments are a pretty big deal during a person’s childhood, and that is exactly what the podcast called Five Minutes With Dad is all about. The stars of this podcast are a father and his two children.

Compared to some of the other podcasts out there, the concept of this one seems a bit simple, but that is part of what makes it so awesome. Parents and kids can listen in together as the creators of Five Minutes With Dad chat about everything from how to show someone they love them to being good and just showing kindness in general.

1 Short And Curly

Sometimes, the questions kids ask are pretty serious, but the podcast Short And Curly finds awesome ways to answer questions like that. Parents usually do an awesome job when it comes to teaching their little ones what is right and what wrong, but sometimes they could use some assistance.

This podcast is pretty useful for moms and dads who find themselves in that situation. Short And Curly uses a lot of very entertaining, lighthearted scenarios to tackle the answers to hard ethical questions. Short And Curly discusses topics like whether or not parents should lie to their children, and when it is okay to end a friendship.

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