10 Mocktails For Pregnant Women To Enjoy

While expecting mothers are avoiding alcoholic beverages, they can turn to mocktails like the 10 that are listed out down below. These drink recipes all contain fresh and fun ingredients that make for a yummy refreshment…without any booze!

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So whether a woman wants to enjoy one of these during a happy hour with her coworkers, while watching the game with her friends, out for a date night with her significant other or while unwinding at the end of another long, hard day, she will surely appreciate these easy, delicious and non-alcoholic ideas.

10 Ginger Peach Soda

This recipe comes from Delish, and it combines sugar and fresh ginger, which is poured into a glass on top of peaches before adding ice cubes and seltzer water, along with a garnish of mint leaves. This fizzy and refreshing drink is the perfect thing for a summer soiree, and it doesn’t take long to make at all. Furthermore, it involves ginger, which is a known and natural way to relieve nausea (something that many pregnant women experience). Even those who aren’t avoiding alcohol may want to whip this up to enjoy!

9 Lime Cranberry Mocktail

This next option comes from a blog called My Wife Can Cook, and it is another one that is pretty simple (with a prep time of five minutes and a cook time of 10 minutes). For this, you just need to gather up water, cranberries, lime seltzer and ice, withlime and sugared cranberries for a garnish. Next, a simple syrup is made, and the berries are added (resulting in the water turning pink!). Finally, the syrup is poured into a glass, and the ice, seltzer and garnish are all added, before everyone drinks up and enjoys.

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8 Iced Chocolate

Some people may crave adult beverages that are centered around chocolate, combining drinks and dessert. This recipe, which is from a blog that is called Taste and Tell, is for a drink called an Iced Chocolate, and it uses water, sugar, cocoa, chocolate extract, milk, ice, club soda and chocolate gelato. It is blended up to become slushie-like, and yes, it actually has gelato on top. Who wouldn’t want this? Not only is this a good choice for expecting women, but kids would also love this as well.

7 Banana Piña Colada

A piña colada is a classic summer drink, and Free People shared this non-alcoholic version on their blog. Not only is this an option for pregnant women, but it is also a breeze to make! All that has to be done is to blend up bananas, pineapple chunks, pineapple juice and coconut milk, and then, after pouring into glasses, simply add coconut flakes and pineapple wedges for garnish. This is a smart party option too, when someone is entertaining and needing to mix up the beverage selection.

6 Mock Champagne Punch

Champagne is a popular celebratory libation, so many who are expecting may be missing this particular drink. Don’t worry, though—Love Bakes Good Cakes has a mock version with only three ingredients in it: a bottle of ginger ale, a can of pineapple juice and a bottle of white grape juice. These chilled liquids just have to be mixed together in a large punch bowl, and just like that, a woman has a go-to drink for the week. This fancy yet simple refreshment is also perfect for events like a baby shower.

5 Alcohol-Free Mint Julep

With just water, sugar, fresh mint leaves, ice, lemonade and fresh mint sprigs for a garnish, a person can also enjoy an alcohol-free mint julep, thanks to AllRecipes.com. It takes 15 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to cook, using a saucepan, a strainer and, eventually, two cups that get filled with ice, lemonade and a sugar syrup mixture, as well as topped with the mint sprig. This is another good option that does not take too long to prepare, and it is another good one for functions and social gatherings.

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4 Italian Cream Soda

A website called Momjunction shared this fun recipe for an Italian Cream Soda. To make it, just fill a glass with ice and carbonated water, pour in some watermelon syrup and passion fruit syrup, and then top it all with some half-and-half. Once again, there is an easy-to-follow recipe that hardly takes any time and that will refresh an expecting mother. And since this beverage is dessert-like, it will surely please many others as well. It just sounds so good!

3 Non-Alcoholic Sangria

Sangria, a typical Spanish drink, is a fan favorite (which means there may be many expecting women out there who are missing it) that usually combines wine and fruits. This version from Simple Vegan Blog uses white grape juice, blueberries, orange juice, oranges, bananas, peaches and lime juice for a fruity and fun concoction that pregnant women can enjoy. Not to sound like a broken record, but any of these simple recipes would make a great addition to a gathering, as they would surely please the masses!

2 Classic Bloody Mary Mocktail

Here is another option that should make many people happy. With some Bloody Mary mix, rosemary, celery, Tabasco, black pepper and Worcestershire sauce, poured over ice with olives as garnish, expecting women can also enjoy a Bloody Mary, which is another popular drink and another one that can be made without alcohol. This particular recipe comes from the well-known site A Beautiful Mess, and people will love the ease of it all and the yummy taste of the finished product too.

1 Non-Alcoholic Butterbeer

And last but not least, there is a butterbeer from Love is in my Tummy. As many know, butterbeer was made popular from the Harry Potter books and movies, and fans have been copying the recipe and enjoying it at theme parks for years. This non-alcoholic one combines vanilla-flavored cream soda, butter extract, rum extract, marshmallow creme and whipping cream for a delicious drink with a creamy topping. Note to expecting mothers: Good luck trying to keep the kids from drinking all of this up!

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