10 Cute And Comfy Maternity Clothing Items

Being pregnant can be exciting since it means a family is growing. However, it is not always the most pleasant time… The cravings, the discomfort and the changes are all strange things for expecting mothers to deal with, which is why this shopping list exists.

Yes, down below, there are 10 items that will help make this time in life even better: cute and comfy maternity clothes! Most people will take any excuse for a shopping spree - especially one that involves cozy and adorable pieces! So keep these wardrobe staples in mind when shopping for maternity wear to give or to keep.

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10 Ruched Sleeveless Maternity Dress


A girl can never own too many cute dresses, and this one is perfect for pregnancy. The sleeveless design will keep mothers-to-be cool or can be covered with a cardigan or jacket, and the flowy fit will maximize comfort.

It comes in regular and plus sizes, it is made in the USA, and it comes in a ton of different color options and a print, meaning several different versions can be purchased, worn and enjoyed: burgundy, eggplant, olive, mauve, teal, black, coral, indigo, mint, mocha, red, navy and even some floral prints in off-white, black, navy, red, royal blue and cardinal.

9 Women's Baseball Raglan Sleeve Maternity T Shirts


Another great option is a baseball tee, with its sporty raglan sleeves. This particular one has ruched sides, meaning it stretches to fit during pregnancy and then can be worn after childbirth, too. There are also lots of options here, as well - solid colors, different colors on the sleeves, prints on the shirt and/or prints on the sleeve.

A shirt like this is wise to own, since it is casual enough to be super comfy, yet it has an added flair with its notable sleeves, which makes it a cute addition to an outfit (even one worn during pregnancy).

8 Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Maternity Skinny Jeans


Levi Strauss & Co. is a trusted and known brand, so it makes since that these maternity jeans are a number-one best-seller item on Amazon. They feature a knit panel that adapts with a changing figure and provides lower back support.

As usual, they feature premium quality denim, which, in this case, is super stretchy. This maternity item is also fab due to the skinny cut and is available in a dark, medium and light wash. A pant like this is definitely a must-have item (and maybe in every wash that is available, since they are so cute and so comfy)!

7 Motherhood Maternity Super Stretch Work Pant


Roomy dresses, tees and jeans are all great, but at times, expecting mothers need to go to work, attend dressy events and look a little more put together. Comfort and looking awesome is still key, though, which brings us to these work pants.

It features a stretch twill skimmer, can be dressed up or down and has an exclusive secret fit belly (a seamless stretch maternity panel that grows throughout the pregnancy). And we love options, so another bonus with this clothing item is that it comes in gray, black, black with white dots, khaki, navy, white, rose or a two-pack option that includes black and navy.

6 Maternity Cold-Shoulder T-Shirt


Cold-shoulder tops are a neat way to add some creativity to an outfit; instead of just a basic T-shirt, these have cutouts at the shoulders, which are interesting and trendy. This specific one is available in long and short sleeves and has a flattering scoop neck.

There is ruching on the side, to fit to the body, and there is a soft, light and breathable fabric. Here, we can see numerous women stocking up on a couple of these, since they are another basic that works well in any closet and since they meet the requirements that landed them on this list!

5 Wrap Maternity Dress


Short dresses are going to be needed, too, which is why this wrap one is suggested. It is elegant yet made with soft and stretchy fabric. There is also a pleated V-neck (it’s good for nursing), half sleeves, an empire waist with an adjustable belt and a ruffled hem. Wear the black one to work.

Bring some color to a party with this dress in green, burgundy or navy blue. Attend a sunny wedding while pregnant and while opting for the eggplant or fuchsia option. Once again, this is another wise purchase that makes that baby bump even more precious.

4 Motherhood Maternity Denim Overalls


Speaking of looking precious… These maternity overalls are the best! This iconic clothing item has made a comeback, so this pair can be worn anywhere and everywhere. Since it is made for mothers who are pregnant, there is a knit elastic side panel with the perfect amount of stretch.

This pair comes in a skinny and ankle length and has functional bib patch pockets. From dropping off kids at school and running to the grocery store to grabbing lunch with friends and relaxing in front of the TV, this cozy product will be there for the win, time after time.

3 High-Low Maternity Dress with Belt


The next option on this list is another wrap dress, yet here, a trendy and fun high-low style is seen. The biggest selling point for this item is the removable belt, which can create more of a waist or be taken off for even more roomy comfort.

This entirely made-in-the-USA dress is crafted out of a high-quality and stretchable material, which comes in many different floral and plaid prints. Add high heels for a night out, or pair it with sandals while running errands - It is beautiful both ways and works throughout all stages of the pregnancy.

2 Maternity Bodycon Dress


Yes, this is another dress, but it is another good one… First off, when it comes to comfort, there is a soft and breathable material here that makes this little number super versatile.

When it comes to looking nice, there is a pencil bodycon style that can flatter any body shape; this fit is chic enough for parties yet cozy enough for just running around, and it can even be worn after the baby has been welcomed in the world. There are solid colors, a floral print and stripes from which to choose, as well, so feel free to stock up.

1 Maternity & Nursing Pajama Set


The last clothing product recommend today is a set of pajamas; pregnant women need cozy PJs, yet they want to look attractive, too. Well, these get the job done, as they work well during pregnancy and breastfeeding and are a great option for the hospital stay.

They are also pretty darn cute, as well, with a two-layer ruched design and a contrast-color design. The stretch of this set will be appreciated (no need to feel restricted and uncomfortable), and the various color options will be also (like this pink one). There are just so many amazing clothes out there for mamas-to-be!

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