10 Food Items That Are Perfect For Your Kid's Lunch Box (That They’ll Actually Finish)

The interest and attention of the youngest members of our family extend to the food they take to school with them. It's not just simply a matter of efficiency for us, that we can prepare good snacks for the kids with the littlest effort and quickest time. It's also not enough anymore to think about the healthy, nutritious food items that we serve them, nor the affordability of the ingredients. As parents, we have to keep them interested, even excited, to find out what they have in store for them in their lunch boxes. These food items are guaranteed to have no leftovers once they get home. Simple, healthy, interesting and exciting enough to make the children want to ask for more.

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10 Fruits and Dip

Have your little ones get their vitamins from their snacks in school. Make it interesting by using more than one fruit. Add a little love by cutting them up into bite-sized portions, peeling off and taking out what they don’t want to eat in the fruits, and putting an exciting sauce or dip in the middle. The dip could be yogurt, cream cheese, chocolate, or even vanilla pudding. Then garnish it with some colorful sprinkles on top. Apples, pears, bananas, or anything that’s in season. Be a regular pomology expert and dazzle your kids with an array of delicious and vitamin-rich snacks.

9 Bento Boxes

Bento is a term believed to have first been used in Japan to describe a typical meal box with compartments, some of different sizes and shapes, and used for the outdoors. When you first try to prepare a bento box for your young ones, one might find a sense of peace or heiwa in Japanese, and a bit of excitement as well. 

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Throw in anything you want your kid to eat in there, and they will devour it. As it urges your mind to get more creative and innovative, it will surely have a similar effect on your child as they open their lunch box and find a bento box with different treats, all colorful and delicious to the eyes.

8 Pita Bread Pizza

For a nutritious meal that we’d want our kids to have, let’s mask it as a delicious dish that they’d have no second thoughts of taking a bite of. Pizzas attract kids as the sun did to Icarus, so let’s get clever with pizza and serve it as our kids’ lunch box surprise. 

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Use a pita bread for easier preparation, make it whole wheat for optimum healthiness, then we can put whatever we want that would be healthy and nutritious for our kids. Don’t forget the tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, throw it in the oven and take it out as soon as the cheese melts or bubbles.

7 Kebabs

Food on sticks! There might be nothing that excites a kid more than food on sticks! Safety first, so let’s blunt the tips of the sticks that we will be using before we put them in the children’s lunch boxes. This is a food preparation that will never limit one’s imagination, and the preparation is easy. Just poke and push, the only challenge is the visual presentation. 

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We can put fruits on sticks, fruit kebabs! Meat, of course, vegetables, and other tasty treats that we know our children will enjoy. Some good ones are chicken and waffle kebabs, banana split kebabs, and french toast kebabs.

6 Pizza Wraps

Do the kids want to have that pita bread pizza in their lunch boxes again? What if you didn’t have the time today? Pizza wraps are a very nice substitute, it has the same pizza flavor and takes just a few minutes to prepare and there’s absolutely no cooking or baking required. This recipe features the flavors of your favorite pie but only takes a few minutes to make — and there’s no baking or cooking needed. Just have the following ingredients ready: pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, flour tortillas, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and other healthy options you can think of for the kids.

5 Mac and Cheese

We might want to try putting a little spin on the traditional macaroni and cheese dish knowing how easy it is to prepare. So when we have the time, and some leftover mac and cheese, let’s make it more interesting. Try making mac and cheese cups, they’re cute, they’re tasty, and they would be perfect snacks for school. Call them mac and cheese muffins, whichever sounds better for the kids. Just preheat the oven, and put the mac and cheese in those muffin cups, sprinkle on some more cheese for added flavor, wait for 10-15 minutes (at about 350 degrees F), and put them in the children's lunch boxes.

4 Pinwheel Treats

There is something in roll-up food and pinwheel treats that make them irresistible to children. Maybe it’s the small portion size and the flavors inside, or maybe it’s just the interesting shapes and colors when prepared with love and care. It is a sure hit for children as their lunch box meals, of course. They’re easy to serve and can be really healthy and inexpensive

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There are countless recipes out there, just google it. Ham and cheese rolled up in a store-bought puff pastry, crispy chocolate rice, and peanut butter, or even pepperoni pizza pinwheels! There are literally hundreds of recipes to try for your little ones.

3 Cold Noodles

Delicious and hearty meals do not necessarily have to be off the grill, freshly baked, or simmered down to safe-sipping temperature. There are cold salads and cold sandwiches that are great for packing and taking out as snacks. One healthy treat for our kids is cold noodles. 

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Asian cuisine is close to our kids’ hearts because noodles are kind of like spaghetti, that’s what they’ll say if someone asks them. Asian noodles are sweet and perfect for kids, others like cold soba noodles. These cold noodles can even be morphed and tweaked to cold noodle salad dishes, an even healthier option.

2 PB&J in Many Ways

1 BLT Tortillas

Tortillas and wraps are good menu items for our children’s weekly lunch box snacks. Instead of making a sandwich with 5 different fillings for each day of the week, let’s get out of the norm and make them tortillas instead. They’re just like sandwiches, easy to make and easy to eat. Bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes are ingredients that you can wrap a tortilla around and kids would think they are having a different snack all of a sudden. When we’re comfortable enough, we can widen our menu from BLT to other flavors like avocado, turkey, chicken, and other palatable ingredients that are our kids’ favorites.

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