10 Halloween Costumes Perfect For A Newborn

Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year. Not only do you get to dress up in strange clothes and spray your face with brightly colored make-up, but you also get to eat as much as you want and not feel bad about it. Also, Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday countdown, with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner.

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However, although dressing up and eating candy is part of the fun, it is also extra special for those who have just had babies or those who have young children. Parents can get cute, creative, or both. Here are 10 Halloween costumers perfect for a newborn.

10 Subway Baby

What's cuter than a baby dressed as a sandwich? Yes, food-themed Halloween costumes are now becoming all the rage, especially with newborns and babies. Plus these kinds of costumes are extremely easy to make, not to mention cheap and cheerful. All you need is some subway sandwich paper (which gives you an excuse to eat a load of sandwiches) and some paper and pens to make veggie cut-outs. Easy!

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9 Twin Bunnies

Halloween costumes for twins can be difficult to find and can also be double the price. However, although they might not be as common, they are still extremely creative. Having twins allows costumes to be that little bit more inspiring, not to mention funny. Plus, what's better than a cute twin-themed Halloween costume? Take these two bunnies, for instance. Twin bunnies are a favorite for parents and can be extended to just about any animal. Plus, they are very easy to create. In fact, all you really need is a pair of matching pink pajamas and some bunny ears. Oh, and don't forget the carrot!

8 Angry Bird

Angry Birds is one of the most famous computer games around; therefore, it makes sense to use it as inspiration with regards to Halloween costumes. Also,  Angry Birds, which has since spawned a number of movies, books, sequels and a variety of merchandise, is extremely popular with both young children and adults. As a result of its success, Angry Birds-themed Halloween costumes are now at their most popular and have seemingly taken over the world. Furthermore, to make things that little bit better, new characters are added every year, with different birds for different babies, making for a whole host of cuteness.

7 Family Photograph

While dressing your little ones in cute clothes might be fun, it can be even better to get the whole family involved. That's right, family Halloween costumes are a great way to make memories, especially when done in the right way. Thankfully, there are so many different ways to enjoy the spooky holiday, with themes ranging from scary to cute to absolutely hilarious. In fact, one of the most common things for families to do is to all dress in the same costume, creating a moment that will last forever.

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6 Pumpkin Patch

These days, it is not that important to follow the spooky tradition of dressing up in scary clothes, splattering your face with blood and guts, or even doing anything remotely scary. However, that doesn't mean that you should have to avoid the Halloween tradition altogether, with babies often making the perfect subject for classic Halloween costumes. For instance, why not dress your baby as a little pumpkin? Not only is this incredibly cute but it is also extremely easy.

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5 Sheepish

It is pretty much agreed that sheep are the cutest when it comes to farm animals, with their woolly coats and sweet sounds. Therefore, it seems like an obvious choice to dress up your newborn as a little sheep. Plus, sheep costumes are pretty easy to make and only really consist of black pajama pants and cotton balls. However, if you want to go that step further, why not include some floppy ears?

4 Icons

Halloween is usually a time for scary monsters, zombies or killer rabbits. However, it is also an opportunity to dress as your favorite icon, or at least dress your kid as one. That's right, these days, babies are often dressed as iconic singers, famous actors or those who have reached the legendary scale. For instance, David Bowie, or Ziggy Stardust to be more specific, is a popular choice for newborns, with the famed lightning bolt down the middle of the face as a great addition. Furthermore, the legendary performer Prince is also a common choice, with the singer's mustache another great feature.

3 Turtle Power

Turtles seem to be a popular Halloween costume choice when it comes to newborns, with the tiny terrapins just perfect for your wee one. So, why not dress your little one as a miniature turtle, paired with a Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtle mask to make it that bit better? In fact, superheroes are a common theme for little ones at Halloween, with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman all popular costume choices.

2 Little Lion

Let's face it, anything can look cute if it is dressed as a lion. This goes for cats, dogs, adults, and tiny little newborns. The lion costume is a firm favorite for parents over Halloween, who love to dress their little ones as their very own little lion cub. Furthermore, lion costumes can be pretty easy to create and can also range from the very extreme to the sweet and simple. For instance, parents can dress their child in a one-piece lion suit complete with a bushy tail and lion head. However, a number of parents opt for the furry mane, which is incidentally also one of the cutest things in the world.

1 The Hangover

Nowadays, Halloween often takes a more humorous approach when it comes to dressing up, with people often preferring to imitate their favorite actors or certain events that have happened in the last few years. One particular favorite is the hungover Alan costume, an imitation of the famed character (played by Zach Galifianakis) in the extremely successful movie, The Hangover. The Halloween costume is perfect for dads who want to include their little ones, as well as providing laughs for those around them.

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