Mama-To-Be Dumps Her Best Friend For Calling Her Baby Bump 'Gross'

One pregnant mama to be has parted ways with her best friend of 16 years after he made fun of her pregnant belly. If you've had the same best friend since childhood, then you likely know just how special that bond can be. As we get older, we meet people from all walks of life, and friends come in and out of our lives. It's just the way it goes, usually it's nobody's fault. But as we mature and our lives go in different directions, it's normal for friendships to change. So if you have the same bestie as you did since you were both in grade school, you probably feel pretty lucky! However, even friendships that have lasted for several years can suddenly change, and sometimes that can happen at times when you need your friends the most.

The Reddit forum Am I the Assh*le? is one of those places where people post about situations or conundrums in their lives and ask for opinions about who is in the wrong. In a recent post, a 27-year-old woman posted about being to told by her best friend of 16 years that her baby bump is gross (oh HELL no), and asked the community whether or not she was the assh*le for being upset by it. The community was pretty split, so we want to ask you, readers: where do you fall on the AITA scale here?

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The poster sets up the history of the friendship by sharing that she and James have been friends since they were 11. They are incredibly close, he's tight with her family, the whole nine yards. She also shared that she, at one point, had a bit of a crush on James, but they mutually decided their friendship was more important and agreed that it was best to just stay friends.

Poster recently found out she was pregnant, and because she has PCOS, she was thrilled since she thought she would never be able to have kids. She decided to keep the baby, and shared her good news with James. Initially, says the poster, he shared in her excitement. But gradually he became less and less involved in her life, they spent less time together, and was always too busy to do the things they'd always done before. It's not uncommon for a pregnancy to change a friendship, but the poster seemed genuinely perplexed as to why James was suddenly MIA from her life.

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That is, until he let slip WHY he was avoiding her. At a recent dinner at her parents' house (awkward), James confessed that he is grossed out by her baby bump, and is disturbed and freaked out by the whole situation. Obviously, poster is hurt, and a fight ensued. James did apologize, but they haven't spoken since. The community is sort of 50/50 on who the asshole is here - on the one hand, it's really not OK for someone, ANYONE, to say that to a pregnant woman. But on the other hand, it's sort of normal for people on the outside looking in to be weirded out by the whole pregnancy thing?

We definitely think poster is justified in being upset. But we also think James is entitled to need some time to get used to this, and just should have picked a better way to express his feelings to his best friend. So readers, what say you - who's the assh*le here?

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