10 Family Movies You Can Watch With A Pre-Schooler

Everybody loves the wonderful world of cinema, from young children to adults. However, once you have children, it can be difficult to decide which age is the best age to take your kid to the cinema, or when it is age-appropriate to start watching movies with your little ones. Choosing what to watch can be hard, especially if you want to both educate and entertain your child.

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Plus, if they like it, you will no doubt be watching the movie over and over again, until they are finally bored and looking for something new! Therefore, it is important that both parents and children enjoy the movie. So, here are our recommendations for films you and your pre-schooler will both enjoy.

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10 The Gruffalo 

The Gruffalo, which was originally a children's book, was a huge hit upon its release. In fact, the book has sold over 13 million copies and has won a number of prizes along the way. In 2009, the much-loved book was turned into a movie, which also ended up being adored by children across the globe.

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These days, the movie has turned into a somewhat Christmas ritual due to its initial airing on the BBC on Christmas day. As a result, The Gruffalo is now considered a classic and watched by thousands of kids at Christmas each year.

9 The Jungle Book

Everybody loves Disney, but there is something quite special about Disney from the past, something magical about the way the classic movies were made and presented. The Jungle Book is probably one of the best movies to have ever come out of the Disney canon and has generated quite the following.

The music, the adorable characters, and the overall message is a big hit with youngsters, who will be smiling from ear to ear throughout. Over the years, the movie has been remade, retouched and rebooted, but nothing will ever be as good as the original.

8 Minions

The minions as characters first appeared in the successful, Despicable Me, a movie that is also coincidently great for preschoolers. However, when compared to the other movies on the list, the minions star in a relatively new franchise.

Yet, despite their recent introduction, they have seemingly managed to take the world by storm, with kids across the globe huge fans of the little yellow monsters. That's right, children really can't get enough of them, especially the movie of the same name. Minions also has a stellar cast, with the likes of Geoffrey Rush and Sandra Bullock.

7 The Adventures of Elmo In Grouchland

Be warned, kids love this movie, so much so that they will probably want to watch it on repeat for the next six months. Kids can't seem to get enough of Elmo and his little friends, with The Adventures of Elmo In Grouchland a firm favorite. However, as parents, we sometimes have to take one for the team, and if that means watching Elmo one hundred times a day then so be it.

Plus, Elmo is all about positivity and good messages, so it could be worse. Yes, it seems kids will never tire of the fuzzy red monster and his adorable little charms...

6 Cars

For some reason, young kids are often fascinated by transportation. From motorbikes, boats, planes, and trains, to bicycles, yachts, and helicopters. However, it is cars that really seem to get under their skin, especially if those cars suddenly start talking. Yes, Cars is probably one of the most famous movies to have ever come out of the Pixar canon and is a firm favorite among youngsters around the world.

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In fact, the merchandise is just as popular as the movie, with Cars-themed pencil cases, bags, sweatshirts, shoes and anything else you could ever think of covered with the characters from the movies.

5 Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound is one of those movies that really stays with you. Well, it features two talking dogs and a talking cat, what do you expect?

For grown-ups, the movie can be a real tearjerker, but for young kids, it is the best thing ever invented. Yes, talking animals are the epitome of all things child-friendly, and the movie will have your little ones glued to the screen. Plus, it can also introduce your kids to the wonderful world of animals, especially if you are thinking about getting a pet. They don't make movies like this anymore.

4 Wallace And Gromit 

Wallace and Gromit is a stop-motion clay animation hailing from the wonderful world of the U.K. The series initially started out as three short movies that have now expanded into feature-length films. Over the years, Wallace (the hapless man) and Gromit (his ever-faithful dog), have continued to be popular with the younger generation, but their exploits are also fun for teenagers as well as adults.

The characters and plotlines are unique, original and unpredictable, and the ingenuity that goes into the animation has to be admired. Plus, the films are absolutely hilarious (that's British humor for you).

3 The Kid

Want to introduce your little ones to the wonderful world of silent cinema? Try The Kid, a Charlie Chaplin masterpiece that will give your kids something a little different to what they are used to. The movie is often voted one of the best from the Charlie Chaplin back catalog and will have your little one captivated from the very beginning.

Yes, the magic of silent cinema is seemingly very fitting for young children, who marvel at the music and action rather than the lengthy dialogue that they probably don't understand. It's a curveball recommendation, but seriously, give it a go. You won't regret it.

2 My Neighbor Totoro

It is important to introduce all kinds of cultures and languages to children, especially at such a young age. Anime is perfect for this, really giving your little ones a taste of something different. My Neighbor Totoro, one of the most famous from the acclaimed Studio Ghibli, tells the story of two young girls who encounter some friendly spirits in rural Japan.

Although it might sound dark, it really isn't. It's a sweet little escape from reality. The film won a number of awards upon its release and is a firm favorite among children everywhere.

1 Toy Story

Pixar has a wide range of amazing movies, but Toy Story really stands out as the one to beat. Yes, Toy Story really is a diamond of a film, effortlessly entertaining adults and children.

That's right, the movie is loaded with adult in-jokes, some of which are even a little bit raunchy. However, your kids won't notice, as they will be too busy staring at the talking toys and convincing themselves that their own toys are just the same. The movie does wonders for a kid's imagination. To infinity and beyond!

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