10 Of The Best Dog Breeds For Kids

Dogs are known to be the most found pet in homes. They are popularly called man’s best friend, not only because of our shared features but their close relationship with humans. They are loving, loyal and friendly. They also help children to learn about responsibility, cooperation, and unconditional love.

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Dogs and kids are like bread and butter. Choosing a perfect dog breed for kids isn’t as easy as it sounds as some factors need to be considered when picking the right dog to suit one’s family and lifestyle. Factors such as size, age, energy level, and temperament, the perfect pet. Below are the top ten family-friendly dog breeds.

10 Beagles

This breed of dogs is well known for their curious nature and cleverness. If you are looking for a dog to tour the world with, this dog is the right partner for you. Not only are they friendly, but also enjoy the company of people and other pets. They are easy to care for and adjust well with living with families.

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They respond very well to training and are known to be playful especially around energetic kids and never seem to get tired. Due to their active nature, they are known to wander off if you don’t keep a close watch on them. When left alone, they can be destructive and bark for long periods.

9 Golden Retriever

Known to be one of the most fun, sweet and friendly dog breeds. They are gentle, smart and strong, which gives them the ability to play for long hours and are easy to train. Golden retrievers are athletic, so their activeness requires that they get a lot of exercise for their fitness.

Their patient nature, obedient and affectionate character make them the perfect fit for kids, and biting is something they don't go for easily. This breed is also good at hunting, swimming and running. They are known to save lives regularly and can fit into any home within the shortest time. The golden retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States of America.

8 Labrador Retriever

Labrador retriever is a popular dog breed known for its playful, loving, and protective nature. Regardless of their coat color, they are well known for stamina, strength, and obedience. They love kids, adults and get along with basically everyone they meet and other dog breeds. This has been the major reason for its popularity.

They require daily exercise for their wellness. Labrador retrievers enjoy swimming and they adapt easily with any family in which they are brought into. This breed of dog is easy to please and is eager to play. Their adaptive nature makes them a perfect fit for any family.

7 Boxer

Just as they are called, this breed of dogs is known to be very energetic and playful. They are muscular and protective. This breed is a whole doggy package as they possess characters similar to that of a bodyguard. They are affectionate, loyal and have a high degree of alertness.

Their patience and protectiveness around kids have earned them a good reputation when it comes to being a family pet. They are very defensive and fearless in the sight of danger. They are commonly referred to as a family watchdog and guardian. Boxers require a lot of exercise and generally love being indoors.

6 Collie

If you are in search of a social, friendly and adorable dog breed, a collie is the perfect one for you. Known for their gentle and loving nature, this breed of dog bonds easily with children. They can be very defensive when need be as they are not just show dogs. Dogs of this breed are very athletic and so they require regular exercise.

They are intelligent, predictable and easy to train. The collie breed is very loyal and social, meaning they do great with a family. They are very protective, especially in the presence of strangers but bark a lot if left alone.

5 Poodle

Not only does this breed come in different colors, but also come in three different sizes, which are standard, miniature and toy, depending on your desired qualities. They are very fluffy and good for kids with allergies as they shed very little of their hair. Each breed size has its own peculiarity. The standard breed is playful, smart and obedient, but it is often shy around strangers and gets along with only familiar faces.

The miniature ones are smart, playful and obedient also but tend to dedicate their attention to one person. This breed is both caring and loyal and doesn’t get bored often, making it one of the best pet choices for kids. They require regular grooming.

4 Bichon Frise

If your kid is a lover of small-sized, cute and fluffy dogs, this breed is a great choice. Bichon breeds have been popular throughout history and are known to be found in French royal courts as far as the sixteenth century. They are popularly called American circus dogs.

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This breed of dogs has enough energy to keep up with a busy family even with their small size. They are loyal and affectionate as long as they are well trained. They adapt very well with family and children. Other than their playful and friendly nature, they are hypoallergenic dogs. There is a need for regular oral and coat care to ensure their wellness.

3 Maltese

Maltese breeds are known for their balance in gentleness and energy. They are known to be sweet and playful, with a love for learning new tricks. They are good-sized dogs with high adaptability to any home size.

They have a good temperament and are happy to be lap dogs. Malteses do well with children and are social dogs if trained early. They enjoy spending time inside and require regular grooming and dental care for their wellness. Even with their playful and gentle nature, these dogs have a high potential for frequent barking and are very delicate. Maltese breeds thrive well in small spaces.

2 Pug

If you are in need of a couch companion to watch movies with, then the pug breed is one of the breeds to look at. Known for their small size, muscular physique, and playful behavior, this dog breed makes a human-like facial expression. Pugs get along with people of all ages most especially kids, and enjoy treats.

They love human attention and clowning during play sessions. They love sleeping, eating and without exercise and dieting, they can become overweight. They are good as family dogs and are easy to care for. Pugs are known for their snoring and snorting sound which is caused by their short nose.

1 French Bulldog

If you are in search of a low maintenance family dog, the French bull is one of the best available options you can go for. This dog breed is known for its bat-like ears and small strong muscular body frame which distinguishes it from the bigger bulldogs. They thrive very well in small spaces and family.

The French bulldog, unlike other dog breeds, requires little to moderate exercise. They are playful, excitable and easy to care for. They can be very destructive if left alone for too long. The French bulldog is a perfect home pet for city dwellers.

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