The 10 Best Baby Toys Currently Available, Ranked

There are so many wonderful toys on the market these days for babies; ones that are educational, ones that are comforting, and ones that help your baby develop and reach their milestones. Depending on how old your baby is, there is a wide range of stimulating toys that can help to boost their development and keep them entertained.

Keep in mind that babies are naturally very curious about everything around them; the world is their playground. It is not necessary to break the bank buying all the latest and greatest toys for babies, especially when they are just as easily entertained by a balloon or a sock! Here are some of the best baby toys on the market, ranked.

10 LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

LeapFrog's Learn and Groove Musical Table is a fantastic toy for your busy baby! This toy is geared toward babies who are 6 - 36 months, so your child will get a lot of use out of it. It is a fun and engaging way to introduce numbers, letters, shapes, and colours to your child, and the 70+ songs and responses will keep them entertained for hours!

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This musical table is also a great tool for your baby to use when they are first learning to stand up and gain their balance. They can hold on to the table to keep themselves steady, while they play happily and interact with the colourful and intriguing table top. This will become a favourite toy in an instant!

9 V-Tech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Another multi-purpose toy, V-Tech's Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker helps your baby as they explore their first few steps independently, and its fun, musical front keeps them giggling and playing all day long! With four wheels and a sturdy handle, this walker helps to keep your child balanced as they are first learning how to walk.

This toy has so many fun little features, including a pretend phone, 5 keyboard keys, 3 shape sorters, 2 spinners, and over 70 sing-along-songs and phrases. Your baby can go for a little stroll, holding on to the steady handle for balance, and then take a wee break, sit down, and play with all the exciting features!

8 Fisher-Price Baby's First Blocks

A fun and simple toy, Fisher-Price's Baby's First Blocks are a great way to help your baby develop some fundamental skills. They will learn about colors and shapes as they play with this brightly colored blocks. The perfect size for little hands, these blocks are also safe for baby to chew on (which we know they all do!).

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Your baby will practice their problem-solving skills as they try to place the correct shape in the correct hole in the bucket's lid. When it's time to leave, pack all the blocks up in the handy carrying case, and this toy can travel with you anywhere you go.

7 Mega Bloks Building Bag

The perfect introduction to creativity and engineering, these building blocks are at least big enough so you won't be stepping on any painful little pieces quite yet! Children love to build and experiment, and open-ended toys like this allow them the opportunity to do so.

Dump out the bag of blocks and let your little one have fun exploring, stacking, knocking them down, and starting all over again! This toy is ideal for children between 1 and 5 years of age, which shows right there the longevity of this toy! They will love building and creating again and again.

6 pipSquigz

pipSquigz are hard to resist at any age (I speak from experience)! These little rubbery toys are the cutest little things on the market, and they are so fun to play with. With suction cups on their ends, you can stick them to any smooth surface and to each other, for tons of stacking, building fun.

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Do you remember when you were a kid, how thrilling it was to hear that loud "pop!" when you pulled a suction cup off of a smooth surface? Well, the joy continues with pipSquigz because these little guys do the same thing. Because their smooth, soft-rubber surface make them great for little ones to chew on when they're teething, these little toys are great for babies ages 6 months and older.

5 Melissa & Doug Bead Maze

Everyone remembers sitting in a doctor's office as a child and being drawn to the bead maze toy sitting in the corner of the waiting room. It didn't matter if you were two years old or ten years old, playing with those bead mazes were such fun. The tradition continues, with the Melissa & Doug bead maze continuing to be a popular toy for babies and toddlers alike.

The brightly coloured beads and winding, roller coaster mazes are so engaging for little hands and minds. Babies love to twirl the beads and push them along their tracks, toddlers get tons of enjoyment from pushing big groups of beads along the twirly track until they all smash together at the end. So much fun for little ones!

4 Fisher-Price Rainforest Music & Lights Deluxe Gym

A great way to encourage "tummy time" with your baby, is to give them something fun and exciting to play on while they're on their bellies! What better way than to have some little rainforest animals to play with, musical tunes to listen to, and all sorts of tags and rattles to pull and shake.

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This interactive baby gym will keep your little one entertained for ages, and they will love gazing in the mirror at their reflection, or kicking their little feet trying to get the dangling elephant. So many early skills are being practiced, from spatial awareness, to coordination, to muscle development. A fun and beneficial toy for your baby to enjoy.

3 Wubbanub pacifier

Combining two forms of comfort to make one big lovey toy, the Wubbanub pacifier is attached to a soft and cuddly stuffed animal, giving your baby something soft and cozy to hold on to, as an added bit of comfort for them. The Wubbanub pacifier also ensure that you never lose the pacifier again, as it is much harder to lose it when it is permanently attached to a stuffy!

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The Wubbanub pacifiers come in several different animal styles, including elephant, fox, monkey, giraffe, pig, duck, penguin, and even a little purple monster! Such a cute idea, and a nice way for your little one to keep their soother safe.

2 Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

There is countless articles the list that amazing benefits of introducing music to your baby, and the many cognitive skills it helps them to develop. Yet it is easy to tire of the usual children's songs that play robotically out of the many musical toys on the market. One gets tired of hearing the same ol' Old MacDonald Had A Farm!

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The beauty of this toy is that, in true Baby Einstein fashion, it play legit classical songs from such composers as Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart. The toy will also delight your baby as they develop their love of music with its flashing lights and colourful giraffe on the handle. Such a fun toy, and a great one to take on the road with you, as it is easily portable.

1 "Dear Zoo" and other board books

Out of all the toys on the market and the multitude of educational items to help your baby's development, absolutely nothing holds a flame to the benefits of reading to your baby every day. Developing your baby's love of reading early on will benefit them so much in life. Keep it fun with adorable little board books like this one, Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell, which also provides life-the-flap fun on each page.

Board books are a wonderful way to introduce your baby to reading and enjoying stories, as their cardboard pages withstand the onslaught pulling, turning exploring, and chewing that babies ultimately love to do with books. Their pages are often beautifully illustrated to capture your little one's attention, and many of them have interactive pages with lift-the-flaps or touch-and-feel spots on them. Whatever you do, read to your baby every day and develop that love of learning right from the start!

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