Adult 'Juice Boxes' Are Here To Make Our Summer One To Remember

sangria in a juice box

Summer is here and it is hot, hot, hot. If you've found yourself, like us, spending more days poolside than not, chasing around kiddos and dishing out more juice boxes than you can count on your fingers and toes, then you have probably found yourself looking at these tiny juice filled boxes and wondering why they don't yet have an adult version for us. All of our prayers have been answered, thanks to a new brand and your summer just got that much better.

Beso Del Sol, a wine brand from Spain has just launched a product that is going to rock the socks off of your summer. Gone are the days of being stressed while changing swimmy diaper after swimmy diaper. It's time to say hello to some pretty epic adult juice boxes, filled to the brim with delicious Sangria goodness, where each box contains not one, not two - but THREE servings of wine. And, they are all made with natural ingredients. Praise!

You may have seen these cute mico mini looking juice boxes floating around Instagram, because they are so adorable to take photos of, but they are the real deal when it comes to a glass of wine. According to PopSugar, "Each 500 mL container has 8.5 percent ABV and holds the equivalent of three standard glasses of wine." And to sweeten the deal, no wine lover will be left behind because they come in red, white and pink.

Taking things one step further, each container is also completely eco-friendly and 100% recyclable, so you can get your buzz on and do good by the earth at the same exact time.

And since we know that you're wondering where you can get your hands on these little boxes of goodness, they are available at both liquor stores and convenience stores all over the country. This, along with the vodka popsicles, means we're going to have a really cool summer where we can treat ourselves to childhood favorites, but with an adult twist because... we have kids.

We know what we're packing in our cooler for the next pool day.

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