Behind The Scenes Of "Teen Mom": 15 Things They Didn’t Air On TV And 10 That Make Our Hearts Melt

Teen Mom has been a hugely popular reality TV show on MTV for the last nine years. We have followed over 20 women and their endeavors as a teen parent. The show was highly frowned upon when MTV first announced it since the public thought it was popularizing teen pregnancy. In actuality, the show has been just what society needed to teach teen girls why it is so important to prevent pregnancy until later on in life.

We have seen these girls go through some tough situations–giving birth, going through break-ups, losing their homes –a lot goes into being a teen mother, and this show doesn't hide much. 

MTV wants budding women out there to watch and understand that being a mother at a young age is not all fun and games. It is hard work, especially when you’re doing it by yourself like so many girls on the show. It is essential that the show is still on the air so that the stories of these women can be followed throughout their entire journeys, rather than just the pregnancy and birth. As the show goes on, fans get to see each mom grow into a young woman learning the ins and outs of being a mom.

Let's start with the 10 most heart-melting moments of the show...

25 Javi And Isaac’s Relationship

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When Kailyn and Javi got together, she had a young son named Isaac. Her son and her soon to be husband immediately bonded. Even with the birth of Lincoln–their son together–Isaac and his stepdad remained close. According to OK! Magazine, Javi has made every effort to stay in touch with both boys even though Isaac isn’t his biological son. There are many times in which Lincoln heads to his dad's house, and brother Isaac follows because he is still so close with Javi. It takes a good man to have a good relationship with a child that isn’t his.

24 Tyler Is Mister Mom

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Recently things have been going smoothly for Tyler Baltierra and his wife, Catelynn. However, there have been some tough situations that required Tyler to step up and be a single dad. Catelynn had a lot of trouble dealing with stress and anxiety, and the loss of their unborn child did not make anything easier. Soon after the loss, Catelynn decided she needed to check into a recovery center to get help, thus leaving Tyler alone with their young daughter Nova. According to CafeMom, Tyler has been nothing more than super dad in the past year.

23 Leah Supporting Ali


Before she turned one year old, one of Leah’s twin girls was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. The time, patience and care Leah gives her young daughter is so sweet to watch.

According to OK! Magazine, the mother of three has done nothing put post sweet quotes and photos telling her little girl how strong she is in this rough time.

Leah makes sure that Ali has everything she needs, including technology to help her walk, specialists to help her at school and so much more. This mama sure knows how to be there for her kids.

22 Brotherly Love (Isaac & Lincoln)

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There are a lot of siblings on the show, but only a few that get along as well as Isaac and Lincoln do. Of course, they have their grumpy moments, but according to MTV News, these brothers produce more sweet moments than anything else. Ever since the birth of Lincoln, Isaac has been the best big brother he could be. He loves to play with Lincoln and teach him the ways of being a boy. There are a plethora of pictures all over the internet of the two being affectionate, and it couldn’t be cuter!

21 Catelynn And Tyler Visit Carly For The First Time


Even though moments with Carly are no longer allowed to be televised, there were a few meet and greets that were allowed to be shown–such as the first one. Back in 2010, when Carly was just one year old, Catelynn and Tyler made the trek down to North Carolina to meet her.

The couple gushed about how nervous but excited they were to be able to spend some time with their firstborn.

But seeing the smiles on their faces upon laying eyes on her was a priceless moment, as reported by MTV.

20 Farrah And Sophia Visit Derek

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It is well known that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, lost her daughters’ father before Sophia was even born. In December of 2010, Farrah took Sophia to her father’s grave on an episode of Teen Mom. According to Cafe Mom, the mother of one was extremely emotional sharing his gravesite with her daughter. She took the time to share moments with Sophia that had to do with her dad. It was a special moment that the MTV crew got to be a part of.

19 Chelsea And Cole’s Nuptials

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Unfortunately, MTV was not allowed to film the wedding of Chelsea and Cole, but they were allowed to air photos after the fact. The pictures melted our hearts especially when Cole got down on one knee and presented Aubree with a ring as well. The images portrayed Chelsea in the corner watching the moment unfold just after she had received her ring, and soon after Aubree showing off her new ring to the crowd.

According to Wetpaint, nobody knew how Aubree played into the wedding, but it was a sweet moment.

18 Taylor Proposes To Maci

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Teen Mom fans have been through the wringer watching Maci fall in love and get hurt so many different times. It wasn’t until she met Taylor that we knew she has finally found the one. Everyone wondered when Taylor was finally going to pop the question and in a 2016 episode of Teen Mom, he did just that. Taylor took Maci out to walk along the beach for what she thought was only a cute date, but he eventually got down on one knee to ask the mom of two (at the time) to be his wife. The rest was history, according to MTV News.

17 Carly At Cate And Tyler's Wedding

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After a long history of ups and downs in the summer of 2016, Catelynn and Tyler finally tied the knot in front of everyone including the MTV cameras. Once the couple said their vows and were pronounced husband and wife, it came time for the reception. As we all know, the couple has had problems being able to see their first born daughter in the past, but they got the surprise of a lifetime when she showed up to their wedding.

She requested a dance with Tyler, and it brought everyone to tears, according to Us Weekly.

16 Maci Dropping Bentley Off At Daycare


There have been a plethora of sweet moments between Maci and her firstborn son Bentley. Fans will never forget the episode of Teen Mom in which Maci proceeded to drop her young son off at daycare for the first time. He cried, she cried, and it took a while for the young mother to be okay with leaving him at school for just a few hours. According to Us Weekly Magazine, she wanted him to go just a couple days a week for him to grow and make friends, but it proved to be hard.

And now for the 15 things that never aired...

15 The Crew Was Friends With Everybody


It takes a lot of people to make an episode of Teen Mom happen. Not only is there a large camera crew, but producers are roaming around as well. What fans don’t see on screen, according to MTV News, is how close the moms, their children, and whole families are with their specific crews. Each mom gets a producer, a crew member assigned specifically to them and an entire camera crew. The best part is they don’t just work together–for most of the girls–they treat the crew like family.

14 Kailyn Tried To Get Into It With Briana

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Kailyn Lowry has recently been in the media quite often due to her irritation with her baby daddy’s now ex-girlfriend. She is not too happy about fellow Teen Mom Briana being anywhere near Javi and her kids. The mother of three tried to calmly talk to Bri about their issues since it seemed as though she was going to be a part of Javi’s life. Unfortunately, during the conversation, Kail did not like how Briana was acting and apparently tried to go after her. Fortunately, this happened behind closed doors and producers were able to pull the girls apart before anything reached a critical point, according to People Magazine.

13 Producers Had To Make A Call On Jenelle?

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Each year the Teen Mom crew puts together a reunion in which all of the girls get together to reflect what has happened in the past year. Earlier last year, things got a little heated backstage between Jenelle and her mother because of their custody agreement over Jace. The disagreement ended with Jenelle putting Jace in her car and trying to drive off with her husband.

The producers had no choice but to call the authorities on her being that she was not to have Jace at this time, according to Us Weekly.

12 Ryan In Recovery

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There have been a lot of stints in recovery for a few different members of the Teen Mom cast. Ryan Edwards is no stranger to such. Behind the scenes, Ryan has been involved in more than one situation that caused legal issues or saw him sent to a treatment facility.

According to Us Weekly, his wife Mackenzie has stuck by him through thick and thin, and the couple plan on getting him back to the happy, healthy Ryan he used to be.

It will only benefit his son Bentley that Ryan gets healthy again.

11 Chelsea Reaches Out To Maci

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The best aspect of the Teen Mom television shows is the relationships that each of the moms builds with each other. Teen Mom OG star Maci and Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea have bonded over the similarities within their baby daddies. According to Teen Mom Talk Now, Chelsea reached out to Maci in hopes of helping her through a tough time.

She knows what it is like to watch her child's father get into trouble time and time again, and she wanted to lend a shoulder to Maci in her time of need.

10 Isaac And Lincoln Don't Always Get Along

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The cameras catch the moms arguing on TV all the time, but not so much when it comes to the little ones. During a filming session at Kail’s house, Isaac and Lincoln got into it over a hat. The hat was originally Lincoln’s, but Isaac wanted to play with it, which caused a bit of a tussle. Isaac took to pouting once Kailyn took the hat away from both of them, and MTV chose not to air his attitude, according to the MTV YouTube channel.

It’s almost refreshing to see the kids going at it rather than the moms.

9 Aubree Wants Watson

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It can be difficult for little kids to get used to having a little brother or sister around. Aubree loves her new little brother Watson so much and enjoys playing with him any chance she can get. According to MTV Video, in a deleted scene, Aubree was upset when mom Chelsea cut her snuggle time with Watson a little short when he started to get fussy. Aubree’s envious side came out when she tried to hang on to her baby brother while mom was taking him away. Envy is a hard emotion for young children.

8 Tyler And Maci's Chat

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It is easy to forget that the cast of all of the Teen Mom shows are very close. The MTV YouTube channel recently uploaded a deleted scene of Maci and Tyler chatting about their lives. The stars of the shows have so much in common, including family and baby daddy problems. Tyler has been going through a lot while dropping off his dad at a recovery treatment center, only a day later having to drop his wife off as well.

Maci is going through a similar situation with the father of her son, and for this reason, she and Tyler were able to bond and converse over this.

7 Jenelle Knows Why Jace Is Misbehaving

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It has been a trying time between Jenelle Evans and her mom Barbara for the custody of her son Jace. MTV’s YouTube channel recently posted a video featuring Jenelle admitting that she knows why her son has been misbehaving.

According to the mom of three, he has been acting up due to wanting to be with Jenelle and not his grandmother.

Jace has been unpleasant towards everyone including his grandmother these days, and MTV doesn’t want us to see. Jace’s mother knows best when it comes to her little boy.

6 Tyler’s Mom Gets A Surprise

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The best behind the scene moments are those that include surprises. Earlier this year Catelynn and Tyler took the time to surprise his mother with their pregnancy announcement. The couple dressed up their young daughter in a shirt that announced she was a big sister. Tyler's mother was overcome with joy in the video repeatedly asking them if they were serious.

According to MTV, the family was full of smiles and happiness with the news of bringing a new little one into the world.

5 Issues With The Adoptive Parents


It is no surprise that there are a lot of issues between Catelynn, Tyler and the couple who adopted their first daughter. The group entered into an open adoption which meant the birth parents were to get visitation at least once a year and many pictures throughout the year. For a long while, the parents shared their daughter with MTV, but as Carly got older, the adoptive parents chose to keep her off the air. After a few years of visiting with her, MTV no longer is allowed to air or film anything having to do with Carly, according to People Magazine.

4 Maci Talks About More Children

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Maci and her husband Taylor have been talking lately about the possibility of having more kids. In a deleted scene, the pair talks about how that may or may not be difficult based on Maci’s PCOS which could make it hard for her to conceive. According to Romper, Maci admitted that she does want more kids, she is just not sure if she wants to carry them herself.

Pregnancy took a toll on her body the last three times she did it–adoption might be next for this family of five.

3 Barbara’s Story

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Jenelle Evans is a big part of Teen Mom 2. She is most known for her unhappiness toward her mom, and because of this, her mom has had a significant role in the show for some time. MTV posted on their YouTube channel an unseen clip of Barbara sharing her side of things. She and Jenelle are often getting into disagreements, and because the show is strictly based on Jenelle, Barbara does not get a lot of screen time. This mother-daughter duo is notorious for their arguments on the set of Teen Mom, and MTV has gotten tired of airing them.

2 Custody Of Leah

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Amber and Gary have gone back and forth for quite a long time on who is fit to have custody of Leah. Gary received custody when Amber went away and has maintained custody ever since. The MTV YouTube channel posted a deleted scene of Gary speaking about his hope for the custody agreement with Amber to stay the same. He knows how well taken care of Leah is in his household, but he’s not so sure about Amber’s home. Who knows if this will ever change, but as of now, Gary does not want it to.

1 Taylor Quit His Job

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Quitting your job may not seem like the best way to go about life, but ever since Taylor opened up his clothing company things have been non-stop packaging and shipping out orders. In a deleted scene posted on MTV’s YouTube channel, Taylor and Maci open up about how they are not nervous because business with the clothing has been booming for a long time–long enough for him to quit his full-time job. The couple is doing well for themselves a year later, still without a full-time job other than the clothing business.

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