How To Become A Mom Influencer In 2018

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Many stay-at-home mothers have been finding creative ways to generate income while raising their families at the same time. As a matter of fact, blogging and becoming a mom influencer have become very profitable side businesses for a good number of business-savvy moms who want to help contribute to their household income. And now there are a few different ways you can become a mom infleuncer, too.

One of the best and easiest ways to become a mom influencer is to of course have a solid presence on social media. As many already know, the Mommy Blogger world has been in full force for well over a decade now.

According to Forbes Magazine, a YouTube partnership can bring hope as much as $300,000 for a spot. Industry insiders also say that companies plan on spending a whopping $1 billion on Instagram marketing this year.

For many moms who are posting baby bump photos and a behind the scenes look to their day-to-day lives, this is good news. That’s because they will have an opportunity to help promote some of the latest baby trends, gadgets and products by simply modeling them at home by dressing their kids in trendy onesies, writing up reviews, and of course, promoting brands using their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat accounts and more.

"Being authentic is the only way that I know," says Tiffany Ishiguro, in a new interview with Romper. She is an influencer who posts fashion fodder on Instagram under @tiffanish. "A lot of my readers have been through my first baby and now my second." So they're fine with her brand allegiances shifting as her life evolves.

Many mommy bloggers and infleuncers suggest that you “find your voice” before starting your own brand. The more authentic you are, the more of a chance that you will gain loyal followers who will engage with you as much as possible on your social media accounts.

In addition, being honest about your reviews and your recommendations will also help you connect better to your online fans and strengthen your business relationships with future or possible collaborators. Many successful mom infleuncers also emphasize that finding the right platform can help you contextualize your day-to-day parenting with a solid message to your readers.

In other words, don’t just post on Instagram – post a photo that has meaning or a honest story to tell. The more you stay true to who you are as a parent, the more successful you will become as a mom infleuncer.

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