These Beauty Products Send Thousands Of Kids To The E.R. Every Year

Keeping kids safe is obviously the biggest concern for a parent. We spend so much time childproofing and taking necessary steps to keep our children out of harms way. We understand the importance of keeping cleaning supplies and sharp objects locked up or out of reach. We try our best to keep our homes as safe as possible for our little ones.

However, it seems that there are still so many dangers that we aren't even aware of. A new study by Clinical Pediatrics found that there was an incredibly high number of young children harmed by accidents involving personal care products. The study looked at incidents between 2002 and 2016, and found that 64,686 kids under the age of 5 required medical treatment for these exposures. This is an incredibly concerning result.

The study grouped personal care product exposures into 5 specific categories: hair care, nail care, skin care, fragrance, and other (this included deodorant and makeup products). The largest category for accidents was nail care products, with nail polish remover being a specifically dangerous item. After this, hair and skin products had the highest number of incidents.

Most of the exposures were a result of a child swallowing the item, or getting it in their eyes. Additionally, getting chemicals on the skin causes chemical burns. Many of these incidents were a result of the chemicals in the products being dangerous, such as nail polish or hair care items (such as relaxers). Nail polish was found to have the highest share of toxic exposures.

Although we know to keep our cleaning supplies out of the way, this study highlights the importance of thinking about the chemicals that are in other products that we might not think of as toxic. Children are able to get into trouble so fast, it's impossible to keep your eyes on them every second of every day. Children also don't understand when products are bad for them, and have a habit of putting things into their mouths when they are curious. The best, safest thing for parents to do is to keep dangerous items, including personal care products, out of their reach.

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