Science Says Beauty Is A Feeling, Not A Look, So Here's How You Can Capture It

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As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But apparently, beauty is also a feeling and not a look, which means that you can only be as beautiful as you feel. That’s because beauty is a feeling that comes from within and works its way out, meaning the more beauty you internalize, the more beautiful you will feel about your appearance.

And it looks like science agrees with this notion, too. As a matter of fact, there’s a new study that says beauty is more of a feeling than the way a person look. According to Elite Daily, researchers recently published a report in the scientific journal Current Biology, where they analyzed the teachings and musings of several different philosophers.

Common sense suggests that beauty is intensely felt only after prolonged experience of the object. In other words, there’s a huge difference between looking beautiful and feeling beautiful. Research proves that beauty is not a body type, it’s not a face, and it’s not a social media filter or a hair color. Instead, it’s the way you feel.

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So how do you capture your own inner beauty? There are several ways you can help yourself feel gorgeous without having to grab your eye shadow palette or favorite tube of lipstick. Instead, take some time out of your day to mediate. All it takes is a few seconds to a few minutes to close your eyes, exhale through your nose and clear your thoughts.

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You can also keep your mind and hands busy with a creative project, whether it’s writing in a journal, knitting, pottery, or even drawing. And most importantly, live your most authentic life. Do what makes you happy, rather than trying to please everyone else around you. After all, real beauty begins with self-awareness. Be your own boss and control your own fate. The happier you are about the direction that your life is going in, the more your inner beauty will shine.

Also, keep in mind that you can definitely look beautiful but not feel beautiful. As we all know too well, outer beauty will one day fade, but it’s what’s on the inside that may last forever. Therefore, it’s best if we focus more on how we feel than what we see in the mirror.

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