The Bearded Man In Your Life Needs These Facial Hair Ornaments

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For many men, growing a beard is a source of pride. Because of this, the fuller the beard, the better. And if a guy can successfully go full on lumberjack, then he's probably annoyingly proud of himself. Truth be told, growing such a thick beard is something to be proud of, but of course -- we don't want to tell the men we know that. Now that the holidays are upon us, there's a fun new way for the thick bearded men in our lives to get into the spirit: beard ornaments. And what's better? They actually light up. For real. How cool is that?

Beardaments, the same company that introduced Christmas baubles for the manly man's beard, is at it again. But of course, brightly colored Christmas balls dangling from a man's beard wasn't enough, they had to add lights. It actually makes a lot of sense -- why rock Christmas ornaments in your beard if they don't light up? If they're going to commit, then they should go all out.

The light up beard ornaments come in a set of 16 tiny baubles that come with hair clips that are then affixed to a beard (or any other form of body hair where they'll stick.) The set comes six light up ornaments -- three in red and three in green. Each ball has a On/Off switch and its own battery, so there is very little work on the part of the man, other than carrying these festive little treats around on his face. Additionally, there are three red ornaments and three green ornaments that don't light up, and two silver and two gold baubles.

But where would a man wear these? Well, the possibilities are endless honestly. An ugly Christmas sweater party? Perfect. Someone's company holiday party? Sure, why not? Wrapping presents on Christmas Eve? Definitely. Trying to spice things up in the bedroom? Well, it could even work there if you're into that kind of thing!

If having tiny Christmas ornaments hanging from his face isn't your bearded man's thing, or if his beard isn't quite long enough, fear not! You don't have to miss out on the holiday fun. Beardaments also makes beard glitter for the man who doesn't mind walking around looking like a preschooler's arts and crafts project. And honestly, the glitter enhances the whole light up Christmas ornament thing, so might as well go all out!

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