Beard Bouquets Are The Ultimate Valentine's Day Accessory

beard valentines day

Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away, a fact you're no doubt reminded of every time you walk into a mall, grocery store, drugstore or restaurant. Most Valentine's Day marketing seems to be aimed at what to buy women for the love-themed holiday, from the more risque lingerie to the old standards flowers and chocolate. Lots of women also like to spoil their significant other on Valentine's Day, and now the company Firebox is doing just that by introducing a unique Valentine's Day gift made just for the man in your life.

Beard Bouquets are the latest ultimate Valentine's Day gift for the hard to buy for man. If you're wondering what a beard bouquet is, it's a set of nine faux flowers that can be clipped into your main man's beard, making them look and feel totally fun, sexy and festive. After all, men have grown tired of not being able to accessorize their facial hair and have recently begun to adorn their beards with lights and tinsel and even adorable mini Christmas ornaments to celebrate the holiday season, so why shouldn't they be able to dress up their beard for Valentine's Day too?

Credit: Firebox

Firebox also claims that their beard bouquet is not only super stylish, but comfortable as well. They claim their clips "won’t tug or pull" which means that if your significant other loves his new beard bouquet and wants to wear the clips all the time, he absolutely can. These clip-ins have more staying power than real flowers too, so he can wear them whenever and wherever he chooses.

Credit: Firebox

Beard bouquets may not be something you see every day, but they are definitely growing in popularity. The facial flora has become increasingly common in the wedding industry, with many grooms opting to adorn their facial hair with flowers for their big day. It's definitely not everyone's cup of tea but can look pretty awesome if you have the confidence to pull it off.

If the beard bouquet isn't quite what you were looking for, Firebox also sells customizable giant cushions you can put a picture of your face on, or even a pillowcase with your face, so you're always close together. If you love the idea of beard flowers for your man, Firebox is currently taking pre-orders of the clip in beard flowers, and you can order yours for just $14.99 for a pack of 9. After all, why should women be the only ones to get flowers for Valentine's Day?

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