If You Still Have These Beanie Babies, You Could Be Holding On To A Lot Of Money

beanie babies

We can all pretty much remember the first moments we held our first Beanie Baby in our hands. We yearned for more and announced we would collect them all. Who knew that so many years later that our addiction to these multi-colored, bean filled animals, baring that iconic "TY" tag could impact our current bank account in a very big way. That's if you saved your collection, of course.

Yup, it's time to call home and see if our mom or dad is willing to crawl up into the attic and pull down your box of childhood Beanie Babies, because trading them in or offering some of them up for sale just might put your kids through college. For real. Like serious money.

Snort, the red bull is currently selling for $7,500 on eBay - and that's just the beginning. Trot, the turkey Beanie Babies can be bought or sold for a whopping $6,667 and would make the perfect Thanksgiving gift for anyone raised in the '90s. Spangle, the iconic bear covered in red, white and blue stripes is worth $1,289 this year. Hippity, the sweet seafoam green bunny rabbit is selling for a cool $50,000 and will certainly make someone's collection complete.

If those prices baffled you, we're here to tell you that we're just getting started, so it's seriously time to search your childhood belongings....stat.

Blackie, the seemingly common black bear Beanie is being sold for a whopping $50,000, too. Bubbles the fish, who kinda has some Nemo looking characteristics is worth $176,000. Large Peace and his Friends, the tie dyed looking bear with a peace sign on its heart comes in a large and normal Beanie Baby sized version is coming in at $358,000 - enough money to buy a very nice home. Large Ariel and his Friends though will buy you a mansion. This is the blue-hued family of three bears and an elephant and currently going on eBay for $578,000.

If those prices weren't surprising enough for you, get ready to have your mind blown. If you've got the purple Princes Bear, created to commemorate Princess Diana, lying around in pristine condition (i.e still in its clear plastic box), you could add an easy $675,000 to your bank account. And lastly, Large Wallace and his friends, all in plastic boxes, too, are currently worth an amazing $680,000. If you're looking to buy this coveted bear, we also thought you would like to know that 80 percent of the profit is slated to be donated to natural disaster relief.

We think it's safe to say that we should start saving our kids toys, too  - you never know what could be treasure in the future!

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