Mother Issues Warning After Her Daughter Stepped Onto A Hidden Fire


Now that summer is upon us and many around the country have been experiencing heat waves, people are heading to the beach to spend relaxing days with their families enjoying the sun and surf. One mom planned just that with her family, but instead ended up in the emergency room after an entirely preventable accident. Heather Switzer is now is sharing her story to send a very important message about fire safety at the beach after her toddler daughter was seriously injured.

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Credit: Facebook / Heather Switzer

Switzer shared her scary story on Facebook, writing that she and her family were vacationing on the Oregon Coast when, on their second day of vacation, her daughter was injured. The family had just arrived at the beach, and Switzer had just gotten her toddler daughter Kalani's kite ready to play with when the unimaginable happened.

Kalani was running across the sand playing with her kite when Switzer writes that she saw her "kind of sink down and then scream." The terrified mom immediately ran to her daughters side when she "saw the skin on her foot falling off."

Little Kalani had unknowingly run over a camp fire someone had lit on the beach. Whomever had left the area before Switzer and her family had arrived had attempted to extinguish the fire by covering it with sand. Unfortunately, the fire was still burning underneath and Kalani ran right over it.

Posted by Heather Switzer on Monday, January 16, 2017

Switzer's post has gone viral as she pleads for people to be more careful with camp fires at the beach. "Please be cautious when on the beach. And if you are someone who has covered your fire with sand please PLEASE use water next time. This could have been so much worse, as my kids love to jump in the sand."

Thankfully, Switzer writes that her daughter is healing well, but authorities are reminding beachgoers that it's important to use water to extinguish camp fires at the beach to prevent accidents like this from happening and to ensure everyone has a safe and fun trip to the beach.

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