10 Tips For A Successful Beach Day With Kids

Summer is the perfect time to spend time with your little ones outside and at the beach. Beach days are iconic when it comes to having great summer fun at an affordable price. But when you are a mom trying to make sure your kids have a great beach day, things can become more difficult than when it was just you.

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Now you cannot just lay down on a blanket for hours working on a tan; now you have to focus on entertaining and watching your little ones. Keep reading to discover ten tips to make sure you have a successful beach day with kids!

10 Go On An Overcast Day

Becoming a parent makes you change the way you do things. Now you have a little one that you have to look after and take care of. So when it comes to going to the beach on the hot sunny days you loved in your young adult life you are going to want to change that to go on an overcast day.

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An overcast day is going to be the perfect day to take your kids to the beach since fewer people are going to want to be there in that type of weather. Overcast days also perfect since the sun will not be as bright and harmful to kid’s sensitive skin.

9 Bring Toys

Beach days are the best days for kids because they can play with certain toys that you can really only use on the sandy beach. On your next beach day make sure to bring some beach toys for your kids to play with and have entertainment when they are out in the sand.

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Bring the classic toy shovel and buckets and help your little ones build their own sandcastles while making memories they will look back on years from now. You can even bring blow-up beach balls for kids to play with. Or you can bring a boogie board for older kids to play in the water too!

8 Have A First Aid Kit

One of the worst things that can happen when you are having a beach day is if your child ends up getting hurt. Though most beaches will have a lifeguard with a first aid kit some beaches do not have a lifeguard and are a “swim at your own risk beach.”

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So pack a first aid kit in your bag just in case. You will be happy that you have it if your kids end up slipping and hurting themselves while playing on rocks or shells and having the first aid kit means your beach day won't end since you have everything you need with you.

7 Have Another Adult Go With You

If you have more than one child then you want to make sure to bring another adult with you when you go on your beach day. Having an extra set of hands and eyes will be just want you will need when your children decide they want to go off and do different things. So if you are down by the water with one of your kids, you can feel at ease when someone is watching your other child if they want to sit on the towels and play there. Having an extra adult is also perfect if one of your kids has to use the restroom since beach bathrooms usually have lines.

6 Invest In Good Water Shoes For Your Kids

Kids love the beach for two reasons: the sand and the water. So if you have kids that are going to want to be playing in the water or by the shoreline then you are going to need to invest in a good pair of water shoes for them.

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Water shoes are perfect since you can put them on your kids at home and they can wear them like typical shoes. But water shoes are going to be great protection for your little one’s feet against any sharp shells or rocks when playing in the water.

5 Hand Wipes Are A Must

Though the beach is fun for anyone at any age, your little ones are going to get dirty when they play with sand and water. Pack some hand wipes to help clean up your kid's hand before they try to touch their face and get sand in their eyes. You will also be happy that you packed hand wipes after your child runs back to show you a crab or other animal they picked up in the sand. And if you end up using the restroom and they are out of soap you will not have to worry since you brought wipes.

4 Have Snacks Ready

Kids are known for always being hungry and wanting a snack. So be prepared and pack snacks and even a meal if you are going to be there for a good portion of the day. You can pack an easy lunch like sandwiches so you do not have to worry about any utilizes.

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Even just washing fresh fruit before you head out on your beach day can be the perfect treat to beat the hot sun when your kids get hungry. Take some time the night before or the morning of your beach day to have some food ready for when your little one says, “I’m hungry.”

3 Time Of Day Matters

When you are planning on going to the beach with your kids, not only are you going to want to make sure it is not going to be too hot for them you are also going to want to plan what time of day you are going. Going early in the morning and leaving before noon or arrive in the late afternoon and staying at the beach until the early evening is going to be the best time to go with kids. When you have kids you are going to want to avoid going to the beach in mid-day since that is when the sun is highest in the sky and will produce the most heat/harm rays. So be smart and pick your time wisely.

2 Apply Sunscreen

When your kids are out in the sun for any amount of time you are going to need to put sunscreen on them. The best way to protect your little ones from the harsh rays of the sun is to apply sunscreen on them before you leave the house, when you get to the beach, and after an hour or two in the sun.

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Applying sunscreen once is not going to be enough when they are in their bathing suits out in the sun for hours. So take time to apply sunscreen on them multiple times throughout the day to prevent any sunburns.

1 Bring Water

Being out in the sun can dehydrate anyone and when you are little the sun is going to affect you faster than an adult. Bring a cooler full of water for you and your kids can stay hydrated on your beach day. Also, encourage your kids to drink more water than they usually drink since they are playing around in the sun which will make them sweat causing them to lose body water. Dehydration can be very serious if you are not taking proper care of yourself and your kids' bodies.

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