This Dad's Baseball Hack Will Save You Hours Running After The Ball

baseball fishing rod

In an age where limiting screen time is a major thing among parents, we want our kids to get outside and be active. Of course, that usually involves us getting out there with them. Parents can use the exercise just as much as kids, but after a long day at work (whether that involves an office or keeping everyone and everything in line at home), we're tired. So very tired.

For this reason, we're saluting a dad who came up with a brilliant baseball hack when playing with his kiddos. The inventive guy attaches the ball to some fishing line while sitting in a lawn chair. He positions the rod so that the ball hangs appropriately in front of his son and the bat.

The boy then raises his bat and takes a swing, sending the ball flying off into the distance. Instead of either the dad or the child having to run after it (or, even worse, trying to find it if it was a killer hit), the man simply reels the ball back in so that they can start the activity again.

It's truly genius and makes us wonder what other ways we can make playtime that much easier on ourselves. If only there was a way to magically rebuild a block tower to the exact specifications an oldest child had it before a younger sibling decided to knock it down. Or how about a way to play a continuous game of tag without really having to run? Okay, now we're just getting greedy. But, seriously, if anyone has any ideas...

Some parents might deem the hack lazy, but the baseball-lovin' boy certainly doesn't seem to mind and the dad looks incredibly relaxed. Who says father-son bonding time has to be taxing?

While the concept seems new to the Internet as a whole, there are actually quite a few videos out there of parents using the exact same technique. And, hey, if we can use a tee to help teach kids how to play the sport and make contact between the ball and the bat, why shouldn't we have our own helpers as well?

In terms of life hacks for parents, this one is a true home run.

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