Barq’s Frozen Root Beer And Ice Cream Floats In A Tube Are Perfect For Summer

barq's new rootbeer float pops

In the summer, there are few things for refreshing (or delicious) than a root beer float. Equal parts fizzy and creamy, a root beer float is the perfect summer treat. And now, Barq's is making it even easier to enjoy the ice creamy treat. They've made a root beer float in a tube. Summer just got infinitely better now that one of our favorite treats has become portable. Think about how much more fun trips to the beach and BBQ's will be now.

Barq's is seriously turning up the volume on how we enjoy a summer treat.

As delicious as a root beer float is, it's also very messy. No matter how to do it (ice cream then soda, or vice versa) there is almost always overflow. Then you're stuck with a sticky mess on your hands (literally.) With the root beer float tube, cleanup is a breeze — all you have to do is throw it in the trash when you're finished. These will be perfect for days at the pool, or summer birthday parties. Each tube contains a perfectly balanced amount of vanilla ice cream swirled with frozen root beer. So you're getting a little bit of both in every bite.

Portable snacks are the best for summer. You can just throw these in your cooler and they will be there whenever you're ready to grab one (or three.) And since it's in a tube, you don't have to worry about buying a bunch of supplies to make floats. All you have to do it go pick up and box. Because as delicious a root beer float can be, we tend to avoid them because they're kind of involved.

And with the summer heat, it's definitely not something you're going to outside. Imagine the kind of bugs and other mess they'd attract. Convenience and portability are the biggest selling point here.

You can get the Barq's root beer floats (they come 24 in a box) at your local grocery store. And it is also available through popular grocery delivery app Instacart. Excuse us while we go buy 10 boxes. That should be enough for summer right?

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