Barney The Dinosaur Is Making A Comeback In A New Movie

If there is one television show that stands out in most of our minds from our childhood it is undoubtedly that purple dinosaur, Barney. We remember the songs, the holiday specials, and toys and clothes that we had to match it all. Well, it's been a while since any new episodes have aired and even though our kiddos might be watching reruns, they will now have their very own version of Barney to love.

Yes friends, the purple dinosaur is coming to a silver screen near you.

According to the NY Post, Mattel Films and actor Daniel Kaluuya, of Get Out and Black Panther, are taking Barney & Friends out from the ’90s vault and bringing it back to life. Except this version will be a live-action feature.

Kaluuya, 30, told the Hollywood Reporter, “Barney was a ubiquitous figure in many of our childhoods, then he disappeared into the shadows left misunderstood. We’re excited to explore this compelling modern-day hero and see if his message of ‘I love you, you love me’ can stand the test of time.”

This is totally true. Whatever happened to Barney, right?

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The show that originally ran from 1992 to 2009 on PBS Kids will be resurrected featuring Barney and his Backyard Gang - BJ the Protoceratops and Baby Bop, a k a “Sissy,” the Triceratops.

Robbie Brenner, Mattel Films head, told the outlet that “the project will speak to the nostalgia of the brand in a way that will resonate with adults, while entertaining today’s kids.” We're loving the idea of a show we can actually enjoy with our kids. Move over Baby Shark, theres about to be a new beloved animal moving to town.

With celebs like  Selena Gomez, 27, and Demi Lovato, 27, making their acting debuts on the show back in the day, wondering minds are obviously curious of any news stars will be born on the re-vamped series or if we might be seeing any familiar special guests. Maybe this will be part of the whole "resonating with adults" aspect the company has hinted at?

To say that we're waiting in anticipation is an understatement. With show revivals seeming to be a trendy thing in television as of lately, we could only wonder when one of our childhood favorites would come back and it's looking like that time is now.

Get ready to have "I love you, you love me," stuck in your head all day long again!

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